Family of woman killed in hit-and-run pleads for closure

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Friends and relatives of a woman killed in a hit-and-run crash gathered for a candlelight vigil Wednesday, to honor her life and call for new safety measures to keep others safe.

Kathy Clark, 63, was killed when a pickup truck apparently ran over her as she walked southbound on Meridian near Troy Sunday. Her body wasn’t discovered until 17 hours later.

“(It’s) like I need to wake up. It’s a dream, you know?” said Amy Harvey, Clark’s daughter.

Clark worked at the City Thrift store on the east side and was described as a ‘one of a kind’ person who loved karaoke and dancing. Harvey said she was on her way to watch a friend’s band when she was struck.

At the vigil held in the parking lot of the Morningstar Church on Meridian, a cross was erected at the site of the crash and a memorial was left as a reminder of the tragedy.

Meantime, some passed a petition around which demands that the city put a street lamp or build a sidewalk in the area. The plea was started by Michelle Miga, who said she had also been a victim of a hit-and-run accident.

“I got hit December 17, 2007 in practically the same area and they left me there to die,” said Miga. “This brings back too many memories for me… that it could’ve been me who laid there and died. I’m gad it wasn’t and I’m sorry it was Kathy.”

Harvey told Fox59 she believes a lamp or a sidewalk would’ve saved her mother’s life.

“Yes I do. If they had a sidewalk it probably would.”

More importantly, the family is hoping someone will hear their plea to find the person behind the wheel of the truck that hit Clark.

“There’s a body shop, there’s a repair shop, someone’s coming in and getting some work done on this vehicle and they’re doing it quickly,” said Clark’s son Rick Clark. “They’re hiding this vehicle, they know who they are.”

Police are looking for a light colored Ford F150 with a missing headlight and mirror on the right hand side. There could also be other damage on the same side.

If you have any information about the accident or the truck, call Metro police or Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

The family is also accepting donations to help with funeral expenses. Payments can me made at any Old National Bank within the state under the “Kathleen Clark Memorial Fund.”

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  • Patti

    Why, when these kinds of deaths occur, don't I ever see a follow-up story about walking on the correct side of the street (facing traffic closest to you) when there are no sidewalks? Your story doesn't specify which side of the street she was walking on, but I'm guessing many of these kinds of deaths could be avoided if people didn't walk with their backs to the traffic that they can't see coming at them.

    • JJJ

      I saw a video where she was walking southbound and a southbound vehicle hit her, so you would be correct.

      This doesn't make her death right, and I do feel real sad for them but mama always taught me to watch my own ass when I'm walking in the street.. It's advice I will take to my grave.

  • sue

    I don't know how someone could do this and live with knowing you left a human being laying in the street. I just hope you are so miserable and totally messed up from what you did. This family is suffering and you don't have the nerve to relieve some of the pain….

  • Frieda

    I can't believe her body was lying there for 17 hours. What has happened to humanity that we just drive by without noticing something like that. My prayers go out to her family and I hope they find some kind of closure from this unfortunate situation.

  • Ms Billie

    I was a co-worker of Kathy's and a friend. She was a very good, kind person and fun to work with. I've shed a lot of tears over this so I can only imagine what her family is going through.
    I'm like everyone else how can you hit a person and drive away leaving them to die. There's simply no excuse for it other than you are a heartless coward that deserves everything you got coming. Even if they were drunk and didn't realize they hit her they certainly heard it on the news Monday and saw the damage on your vehicle. So they need to stop being the douche bag they are and become a decent person come forward and give Kathy's family and friends closure. RIP Kathy we love you!

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