Indiana gets two ‘F’ grades in new tobacco report

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The Lung Association released its State of Tobacco Control 2013 report Wednesday, and concluded that Indiana fails to protect citizens from tobacco-caused disease and death.

Indiana received the following grades for 2012:

  • Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Funding – F
  • Smoke-free Air – C
  • Cigarette Tax – D
  • Cessation Coverage – F

The 11th annual report reveals that preventable deaths are becoming more common, as the state has much less money than the deep-pocketed tobacco industry to spend on these things.

Tobacco causes an estimated 9,728 deaths in Indiana annually and costs the state’s economy $4,804,232,000 in healthcare costs and lost productivity.

“Indiana has the unfortunate distinction of failing to make progress in the fight against tobacco use in 2012,” said Lindsay Grace, manager of advocacy for the American Lung Association in Indiana. “Meanwhile, Big Tobacco was busy honing clever new tactics to lure new youth smokers.”

According to the 2012 report from the Surgeon General, the 3 million new young smokers in the United States can be blamed on the failure of states across the U.S. to invest in policies and programs to reduce tobacco use.

Indiana is no exception, as the state receives more than $580 million in tobacco-related revenue annually, and invests less than 2 percent of what is recommended on tobacco prevention programs.

The report gives two recommendations to the state for the next year:

  • Increasing funding for Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program
  • Removing the deadly loopholes in Indiana’s smoke free law

“It’s time Indiana removes Big Tobacco’s welcome mat,” said Grace. “Leaders in Indianapolis must provide smokers with the support they need to quit and adequately fund programs that help keep our kids off tobacco.”


  • sad_indiana_guy

    and how many people has alcohol killed? but yet where is the outcry to abolish alcohol? its high time the govt got the hell out of peoples lives……who is the govt to tell business owners what they can or cant do in their business…..if you precious non smokers are so offended by smoke then do not patronize those businesses!!!! who do you people think you are to force your opinons and wants onto others…..if a bar allows smoking , dont go to it…..but the funny thing is and i see this all the time….non smokes who when they drink, light up a cigarette!!!! but then on sunday sit in the choir and preach against the evils and sins……thats the problem with america today, there is this huge wave in america that others can force businesses and people to kneel to their individual beliefs and opinions……making me sad to say im an american when i see all the nonsense in america taking precidence over the true issues this country has such as homeless, hungry families and kids, and millionaires and billionaires getting richer and richer off the backs of the middle class and poorer class

    • kskeet

      So, can we then count on you to be our spokesperson and go to the elementary and jounior high schools and "preach" on all the benefits of smoking? By gosh it's their right if they want to smoke, push it then, smokers unite, lets get all the new smokers we can and out number all the non smokers and make them feel like the minority. Take your kids to let them pick out their favorite brand of cigarettes. Make it a family thing, have a smoke in. If we as a nation cant solve the issues with the homeless and hungry, at least we can make sure they have cigarettes to smoke as health is not one of the real issues here. Oh, do millionaires and billionaires not smoke?

      • Clayton

        Nobody said smoking is healthy, but it is not illegal nor should it be. It should be your choice as a property owner what goes on with in the limits of your property. Nobody said smoking should be allowed in the class rooms, but whats the harm in allowing teachers to smoke outside the back door or in a lounge (like they did when I was a kid, and nobody died from secondhand smoke in school)

        You should not have to defend your basic rights, people shouldn't be allowed to infringe on them period. Why should I have to pay a lawyer to defend my rights while others are spending millions against me to take them away with out merit? This isn't just a smoking issue, this is happening in every facet of American life. I do not smoke but i do not think that somebody should tell me what I can or cannot do in private or on private property. That right should be reserved for the property owner, not some random person with a extreme agenda they are hell bent on imposing on everybody they can. If you are paying the property tax nobody should tell you what you can do unless you are engaging in illegal activity.

  • Clayton

    Speeding or drug use kills more directly and indirectly than smoking. And it is already illegal. Start enforcing laws in already trouble areas. Speeding kills less people than failing to signal and failure to yield (not using a turn signal and not stopping at a stop sign.) That directly endangers me and my family and I don't have the option to avoid it unless I stop driving.

    I am not a smoker but I do not care if people smoke. If smoke bothers me in a restaurant or public place I am free to go someplace else . I do not let people smoke in MY house because it is mine. But i do not hate people who chose to smoke. Guests can smoke outside or in my shop but it is my choice. If I owned a restaurant or a bar I would not want people telling my paying customers where they could and could not smoke in my establishment.

  • Carrie

    Oh yes because we all want our children to smoke. Seriously get it straight, just because you raise prices and age limits does not make it any harder for kids to get what they want. Parents will continue to buy them and the kids will continue to have older friends. If you really want to help Indiana then maybe get all new CPS workers, get rid of all the bars on every street corner, put money back into our kids programs and be leaders not complainers.

  • Becky

    As a democracy, it is not supposed to be the will of the majority forced on the minority. We are supposed to have mechanisms in place to prevent this. This has failed in respect to the smoking ban. It is not for the public to decide what property owners can do and allow others to do on their own property. That being said, we do have a health department that enforces codes on public places. There are codes as to how many rat turds a company can have per million parts. So, the health department CAN enforce a particulate per million for indoor air. This would be much better for the general population, as it would prevent mold and other hazardous particulates from being inhaled. Businesses that wished to cater to smokers would have to charge more for their services to compensate for the increase in air purification systems. People who do not smoke would not have to go to these establishments and therefor not have to pay the increased fees for clean air for smokers. This way businesses keep their rights to allow whatever legal activities they want to allow in their property, and everyone gets to breathe cleaner air.

  • vaper

    im an ex smoker , quit a lil over a yr ago . i see both side of the story now but still think its everyones choice to do or not to smoke . if you dont like it dont go around it simple

  • vaper

    oh yea and lets ban them so they go to the black market lol atleast now they ID you . sure wish when i started smoking at 14 they didnt card you , it would ve been alot easier to get

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