Man fatally shot on city’s east side

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INDIANAPOLIS — A 19-year-old man died following a shooting on the city’s east side Wednesday night.

It happened at 9th Street and Keystone Avenue just after 9 p.m.

Officers arrived to find a man suffering from gunshot wounds. They’ve identified him as 19-year-old Tarence Terrell Swinton of Indianapolis.

Detectives believe Swinton and an unknown number of suspects may have been arguing just before the shooting.

Police are still searching for the suspect or suspects responsible. Anyone with information should call CrimeStoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.


  • resident citizen

    Maybe if the IMPD officers that are supposedly "patroling" where actually doing there jobthings like this could be prevented. it funny bc at any given time you can find upwards of 6 police cars in the parking lot of the starbucks in Irvington, off Washington st. all of them running. i have seen as a many as 12 police cars in the lot and parked for at least an hour not responding to any calls.

    • REAL

      LOL @ your name! I think you misunderstood what the Resident Citizen was saying. No cops don't know when some idiot is going to commit murder….BUT if they would pull themselves away from that coffee social on a regular basis and patrol these problem areas. Some of these crimes could be cut back and or responded to quicker. Being in the area to respond to the crimes quicker would in fact increase there case closing rate. Don't you think? Besides I don't like the idea of my tax dollars paying for these guys to sit at Starbucks with there cars running burning unnecessary gas.
      Resident Citizen Maybe they keep the cars running so it burns up the gas that would have other wise been used to patrol the streets…HMMM!

  • Guest

    It,s funny when Broad ripple has problems the police is in there fast.and hanging around that area for sometime. ( GO FIGURE).

  • ashley harmon

    Them fuckin police on tenth street don’t do shit they be tryna trick wit the drug addicts if they would have been doin they job then my lil Cuzin would prolly still be here ijs them fag ass police know dat tenth st has a high crime rate the need to patrol dat area allday but no

  • any

    I think we leave in a racist state the cops not only they supect fox59 is to come on the cops knows tenth street need more partol officers there but they rather be drinkin coffe or talkin on there phone but if it was a white lady that got shot on tenth street then here they come runnin and fox 59 need to show more black people when they get shot don’t just show us for two days then y’all done talkin bout the sitation these hunkys just look at it like this just another nigga dead us black folks need to stick together like they us to do any the old days stick together and don’t trust whites and I’m not racist never will be but that what y’all white make me feel like y’all don’t give a fuck bout the black

  • Taxpayer


    And yes there is always a pack of police officers at coffee shops or at the gas station posted up like they are doing a great job.

  • fedupwithBS

    Funny how black folks get on here using the "N" word. I dont care if its slang or not. If a white person uses the word, blacks want to kill them. Talking about "nigga's" & "whitey" & Honkey" just shows your true ignorance. Which is what the "N" word ACTUALLY means. IGNORANT. People talking about whites dont care about blacks killing each other. Well, thats the pot calling the kettle black now isnt it?? Sorry, no pun intended. Why the hell should whites care when the blacks are killing themselves off?? Its not us doing it…its your own friggin kind!!! Apparently, blacks dont give a damn either or it wouldn't be happening everyday!! Oh, but of course, even thats the "White Mans Fault", right? Is there ANYTHING blacks do that is actually THEIR fault?????

  • Hast

    My big cuz wasn’t violent or n e thing he was the realist as they come they took his life for no reason but rest easy TMAN u still got love out here best believe me

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