Man ordered to support children conceived through artificial insemination

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A Delaware County man will have to pay child support for two children conceived through artificial insemination, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday.

After filing for divorce from his wife, the Muncie man argued he shouldn’t have to support the children because they were not biologically related to him.

After learning a previous vasectomy would likely not be successful, the man suggested taking a family friend up on their offer to donate sperm for an artificial insemination, court documents said.

An at-home kit was used to successfully produce a son in 2004. The wife discovered the family had kept the kit because he feared his son would be an only child. The at-home kit was used to produce a daughter in 2006.

Officials said the man raised the children as his own for 10 years before seeking a divorce.”

The court ruled the children “were acknowledged by [Father] as his children, he supported said children, and he consented to the procedure by which they were created.” Because of that, the court said both children qualify as a “child of the marriage.”

The man has since cut off a personal relationship with the children.


  • Humanity sucks

    How sad…this man is a worthless piece of life! Those are your kids!! You raised them for 10 years and then you just don't care?? Uggghhhh! People disgust me!!

  • Informed citizen

    "at home insemination" … enough said. Swinging for free vs. fertility doctor and cost associated. :/

  • Responsible Dad

    This man needs to realize these children can not be treated like an old car you no longer want – You can't lease children or pawn your children off. If I saw this man I would tell him to his face : You are the lowest form of life, You are part of what is wrong with society – You are one of those "Dead Beat Dads" that the police have to chase down and arrest,then waste the courts time by telling you what you already know, No Matter How You Concieved These Children,you helped to raise them for ten years and now that it isn't fun anymore or you have found a new "hobby", you think you can simply just walk away and disgutingly attempt to trick the courts into saying you don't have to pay child support. Man up and do right by these children,They did not ask to be brought into this world,You Chose to bring them into this world.

    • Abathar

      I bet if he needed a kidney and one of them was a suitable donor this sick twisted jerk would change his story REALLY quick..

  • Hard to Believe

    If his name is on the birth certificate it does not matter if he is not their "biological" father, he is the legal father. This means he is legally responsible to support these children. These kids are probably better off not having this selfish man is their lives.

  • tina

    I just cant believe there are such heartless people in this world, Im sure when they were discussing this issue 10 years ago , he never said, if we get a divorce, im not gonna pay child support.

  • Ben

    What a piece of sh**!!!!!! How could you just cut all communication off with YOUR kids……….. You and your wife wanted these kids YOU NEED TO MAN UP AND TAKE CARE OF THEM!!!! Your a douch bag

  • Sandra

    This is no different that a parent paying support for an adopted child. The children most likely have his name, so they are his. But then, way he is acting he is no father or Daddy, he isn't even a sperm donar. the ex has one ave, is make sure that forms are filed yearly and his income refunds will be taken from him and given to her for child support arrears.

    • JJJ

      It's just him trying to get out of paying child support, there's always 3 sides to every story though, she could be trying to take him to the cleaners.

  • d yates

    I just wonder what kind of damage this is causing the children? Pretty hard to imagine that daddy loved us and wanted us till he wasn't married to mommy anymore. This kind of thing causes irrepairable damage to mental health. I would be ashamed to call him my dad if he wanted to turn his back on me just because he is divorcing my mother. What kind of a man does that? Oh yes, he isn't a man, he is a low life!

  • kathy t

    my ex(the ass) of 13 yrs (divorced 1984) said that once child support wasdone, HIS DUTY is over…never to see them again..mine are now 37 and 35…between two have 3 kids…my now hubby of 21 yrs are 'their' dad……as they say…ANYONE CAN BE A FATHER BUT IT TAKES A SPECIAL MAN TO BE A DAD…and that is so true…

  • michelle

    Where is the original donor in all this. I bet those children look like him. It must be hard to know that you too created life and play no part. The father of these children should be ashamed of himself. What will the children think when they are adults. I bet one day they are going to want to meet the man who is their real father. Maybe he will acknowledge that fact and at least be around for them. I know he didn't plan on that, but that's what happens when you do this kind of thing. Sad part is the children are the ones who suffer.

    • Barton80

      The father is the one who raises them not the sperm donor. It's not like she went and cheated on him, they decided together to seek an alternative method to have children in their marriage. This is crazy, it would be just like a closed adoption, the kids don't know the birth parents but the adoptive ones love and care for them just the same. Also if they were to separate the adoptive dad/ or in this case the husband would pay the child support. It's pretty cut and dry and black and white.

  • Linda

    The children will be going thru so much. But, if this is the type of person this man is, in the long run, they will be better off without him in their lives. Hopefully, in the future, there will be someone who is loving, kind and takes parenting seriously. And the Mom ? Is she a good Mother to these children…. I pray that she is and that they know she will always be there for them.

  • Angie

    Sorry but first thought out of my head was "Dick"! then "whaaat an asshole" those babys deserve better and she should just make the effort not to have him around to make their lives worse…but all in all he still needs to pay child support. There are no do'overs with children people, they are not toys, they are your responsibility that you should be proud of having that responsibility! Yeah its hard! so…

  • spokenword100

    I am willing to bet that this guy would have cut off all ties with these kids if they were biologically his as well. The fact that they are not his just gives him a lame excuse, I agree with the courts! When the children were conceived, it was with your willful intent that you would be there father for the remainder of there life. Don't be a coward and back out now because you don' love the mom now.

  • Michelle

    He cut off relationship with the kids? This a$$hole should come with a warning label. Pitiful sorry excuse for a human being.

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