Moncy Shirley agrees to temporary nursing license suspension

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INDIANAPOLIS – The woman at the center of the south side house explosion investigation has agreed to the emergency suspension of her nursing license pending her criminal trial.

Monserrate Shirley is accused of causing a house explosion in November to collect insurance money. Shirley faces murder, arson and conspiracy charges related to the blast that killed Dion and Jennifer Longworth and destroyed more than 30 homes. The explosion resulted in $4 million in damage.

Her boyfriend, Mark Leonard, and his brother Bob Leonard are also charged.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller announced plans last week to temporarily suspend her license. Zoeller’s office said Shirley has voluntarily agreed to suspend her license.

“The board will consider and vote on this agreed summary suspension this week,” Zoeller said. “The outcome of the criminal proceedings will determine whether our office moves forward with filing a formal licensing complaint against Monserrate Shirley.”

The board is scheduled to begin hearings at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday in the Indiana Government Center South auditorium.


  • cindygibbs

    I don't think she should ever be able to see the light of day,her nursing license or her freedom should never be returned to her!

    • zuladiene

      I have faith and I know that she is innocent and she is going to be able to practice her career againg. God is never going to leave her side. We pray that the thruth come to light and she could be vindicated.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >I know that she is innocent a

        Innocent? Innocent of what?

        Remember, she said right here on Fox59, "I ain't got no financial problems!"

        lol…she did then and now she has way, way more financial and other problems.

      • Ginni Thompson

        She killed people for money. My daughter, son- in- law and GRANDSON felt the blast from the explosion. They too could have been hurt or killed. Why not ask the victims family how they feel about losing their loved ones. Enough Said!!!!

      • east sider

        I am with you, I have often used my microwave to warm up my propane cylinders, they just don't work very well when they are cold. Boy you are a stupid b__ch that should not even be allowed a computer.

  • guest

    i'm sure her attorney recommended that she voluntarily give her license back to make it seem like she's cooperative. It does her no harm at this point since she's incarcerated. My prediction is that she will testify against her b/f and his brother and it will all have been their idea/plan. That she was coerced into doing it in an attempt to get a reduced sentence.

  • kathy

    rott in hell chick!!!! u dont deserve a nursing career hell u are killin innocent people with ur actions!! what else have u done or are u capable of???

  • debbie

    People were killed, an homes were destroyed an u saying she innocent go to hell she need to get the maxium punishment!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    I agree! Tragically Innocent lives were lost! However Ms. Shirley does have a young daughter that did nothing wrong. Our opinions should be kept to ourselves!

    • Gueast

      I guess she should of thought of her daughter before agreeing to such a horrible crime. I just wonder if we would be seeing REAL TEARS if her daughter would of went home to get something and she was a victim of these idiots. Most kids of that age have keys to their house. I knew this chick was fake from her fake cry, my 6 year old daughter doesn't even whine that much.

    • east sider

      If every one should keep their opinions to them selves then why are you even commenting on here. Could it be that you are just as stupid?

    • spokenword100

      So because she has a child, we can't have an opinion. That's a bunch of foolery…Its not our fault that her mother was involved in murder, and the demolish of $4 million dollars worth of property. I feel for the little girl I really do and maybe she will look to these comments and see all the pain that was caused by her family and make better choice as she grows up. The truth is her mother should have been thinking of what this would do to her before she carried out the insurance blow up.

  • joe-joe2

    There should not have even been an option for her to AGREE to the temporary suspension of her license.
    If I'm ever in the hospital she'd better NOT show up at my bedside.

  • Guest

    Every time I saw her on TV she was a me person! It was never about the neighbors or the families that were destroyed by this horrible crime. I can't sleep, I'm a nurse, I'm on antidepressants and the most important I'm guilty, oh wait she forgot that one……. She should of filed bankruptcy and moved on, crime doesn't pay!

  • guest

    my son's girlfriends cousin was killed in the blast… her losing her nursing license is nothing compared to what the victims families are going through.

  • Nate

    I know this is off the subject but I’ve just wondered why there wasn’t anything about this supposedly CIA military drone flying around Indianapolis the same night and time on the news or anything. Because online there’s alot of information wondering around on it. It’s probably a big hoax but sometimes it just makes me think what really does go on. Just saying

    • zuladiene

      I agree with you, but for the public and the common people is more easy to have a guinea pig like Moncy. They are already jury and judge with their comments. But I'm still supporting her and everythin is going to come o the light. Not everyone reads the Bible and it says, pray for your enemies, visit the ones on jail, give meal to the homeless etc. Pray, Pray, Pray…….

  • Nate

    It’s just messed up cause I still think they should have said something about it but it should make people think just a little but more. If it was a gas line there should be some type of hole in the ground where the pipe connects to the house.

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