Women accused of using children to help shoplift from south side Walmart

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INDIANAPOLIS – Two women were arrested after employees at a south side Walmart reported they stole items from the store—and used children to help.

According to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the women tried to leave the store without paying for more than $350 worth of items including makeup, clothing, a toy and food. It happened at the Walmart store on U.S. 31 South near Southport Road.

Security workers detained the women as they tried to leave the store with a 3-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy. Numerous items were in the cart and “in the children’s hands,” the report said. When IMPD arrived, the women admitted they were trying to leave the store without paying.

The children’s mother, Rita G. Perez, 28, was arrested on a theft charge. The other woman, Amie J. Gallegos, 23, was booked on the same charge.

The Department of Child Services arrived to take care of the children, who were later released to the custody of their grandmother, the report said.

Perez’s car was impounded, police said.


  • MeatPlow

    FIRST… again
    OK, I'm thinking a giant catapult and launch their @sses back over our invisible fence into Mehico. The anchor babies will unfortunately stay and be wards of the state, I don't have solution for them yet. UNLESS we launch them all and the kids get parachutes! Ta Daaaa problem solved.

    • Sarah

      Just because they are Hispanic, they aren't necessarily from 'Mehico'. Their families may have been here for generations. Don't make it about race or ethnicity, unless your goal is to instill ignorance?

      • MeatPlow

        ignorant like these two wonderful mothers??? or racist kind of ignorant? look at their names, hispanic and not european or african or even mideastern… comment had nothing to with racism, just solving a problem, and illegal immigration is a problem.
        However their immigration status is only a biased guess. They probably went through all the right channels to live here (SARCASM).

    • Shorty

      first of all learn how to spell and then write shit about them yes they did wrong and i am so forward of jail time but they are not Mexicans from Mexico dumass they are from here dumass and yea they did the crime so they could do the time

  • sparky7036

    Back in the day the hispanic females down there would shoplift baby formula & send it back home. Heard it was rare or real expensive there. Guess now they've become somewhat americanized & think solely of themselves.

  • Jowe58

    This store is a pit, nasty people. I have went to greenwood to shop and stopped in there and it's just gross.

    • MeatPlow

      nope, just poking fun at overly sensitive A-holes like you Nuncy.
      Sure they probably need help but I'll bet you a 100 dollars that they did not come to this country legally. I'm all for legal immigration, notice i said LEGAL. They came to our country and think they can do what they please. Because pusswads like you LET THEM! So training kids to steal, and cheating the system is not OK with me, The sooner you realize your thinking is the reason this country is getting weak the better off the community will be. have a great day and go F%$k yourself.

  • Dave

    I live in Greenwood and use to shop at that store but I now shop the Walmart at county line and emerson. Much better class of people. That Southport store is is one of the nastiest stores I have ever been in. The employees are nice, but the trash that shops there gives me the creeps!! Nothing but tattoos,spandex on 400lb.women and people that haven't showered in 2 weeks. Wont go back there for sure!!!

  • Cordia

    They will just deport them. Mexicans beat cases all the time, due to no paper work. But, they get ALL the free taxpayer support. SMH!!

    • shorty

      stupid they are not Mexicans from Mexico so they wont be deported and believe me they will not get away with this just yea they do have papers called a birth certificate and a s.s. card too what just cuz they have spanish name so theyhave to be wetbags read more about them before you say who they are. i anit defending them for what they did but for where they are from.

  • Dwallace

    Don't put people down because there a certain race because you know what there are whites that are bad also. The want a bees.. I know Mexicans that work there ass off to support there families and there are white people that just sit at home doing nothing and want us to support them. So don't be putting anybody down because of there race. They are bad people all over and it don't really matter what race you are

  • smee

    Here's the fact, Jack, A LOT of people who shoplift use their children. It's sick, pathetic, and infuriating. I loathe Walmart, but congratulate them on actually pressing charges. Now a days most companies are afraid of a backlash lawsuit that they rarely prosecute, so people continue to steal over and over again.

    • i

      ignorant people just because they have a Hispanic name doesn’t mean they are Mexicans… and ship them back…mmmmm!!! ship your self on the mayflower and go back ….

  • Joseph Riley

    I am native american. Lived in Indy all of my life. I honestly believe that maybe these women needed help cant say that most of you would care enough to reach out as a community, same as we will not over throw our government before we fall under a dictatorship. You are who you are and I as a native of this land would like to say welcome to Indiana home of the weak!! When we act as a community and help eachother we will become strong once again.

    • kim

      need help….? they stole make up? i'm not gonna reach out and help anyone who shop lifts makeup, thats not a necessity, not as if they were taking hamburger to feed their kids…….

    • Robin

      I'm sorry but I really disagree. I help these people every week when the government takes 37% of my paycheck for taxes. I was a single parent for 10 years with 2 daughters and I worked 2 jobs (at times a third job to make a decent life for my kids. I have NO TOLERANCE FOR PEOPLE LIKE THIS. I can proudly say that I raised my children to be HONEST hard working productive members of society.

  • michelle

    I think its sad that ppl will use their children to shoplift. Thats just sad. Now those babies will suffer more than the parents

  • Dana

    calm down the fact is that they are trash…..you don't use children to shoplift. if anything they need to be shipped back to school to learn the difference between right ad wrong, they don't deserve to have their children back or to have more. shm lets not allow them to spread their ignorance

    • shorty

      bitch the are who in the hell you think you are those two girls are US Citizens you dumass look all of ya talking shit about this two girls but i bet if it was a black or white you wont be saing shit just cuz they have spanish namre oh they are from mexico send them back well i got news for you they are Americans and they were born here in the US….. DUMASS

  • Daniel

    Oh Perez is Am. citizen and a POS! Trouble making bitch and whore to boot. She is a thief, a liar, and plays the system with getting welfare and etc.

  • raul huerta

    the fact is they are both us citizes, and secrity pull them, from the register line as they were paying ,because they look suspisious (mexican) store cameras tell a 1000 words, Oh be onto the walmart security !

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