Cold air arrives…single digit lows

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After reaching the low 50s today, the warm spell will coming to a crashing halt as we move into Sunday.  A cold front will move through Central Indiana and this will usher in a colder air mass.  It will also increase our cloud overnight but don’t expect much in the way of precipitation at all. 


Technically, the high for Sunday will happen at midnight.  Temperatures will continue falling to around 23°F for Sunday morning and then barely climb back up for the afternoon.  We should see temperatures in the upper 20s or right up to the 30 degree mark for the afternoon hours.  But this alone will be a 20-25°F drop from what we saw on Saturday.

Meteogram Night

I wish I could say that this is as cold as it will get, but unfortunately that is not the case.  Cold air will continue to spill into the state and result in a bitterly cold Monday.  Temperatures will struggle to even make it to 20°F for our afternoon high.   We could also see some brief snow showers Monday morning with possibly a light dusting of snowfall.

Meteogram Night

Under mostly clear skies Monday night, temperatures will take a nose dive toward the zero degree mark.  Yes, I just typed that… I’m not a fan either.  At this point, it looks like the overnight low should reach -1 to 1°F for Tuesday morning.  But that’s the temperature with a perfectly calm wind.  The wind could be as high as 10-13 mph and that would drop your feels like temperature to -15°F.  While Tuesday afternoon will be mostly sunny, it will be a very cold afternoon with temperatures only at 14°F.  Winds will continue from the west at 10-15 mph that day and this will result in a wind chill of 0°F.

The battle with the cold overnight temperatures will continue both Wednesday and Thursday morning with lows at 6 and 12°F respectively. 

As for snowfall this week, we’ll see that chance for light snow Monday morning and again by Wednesday evening.  But the big talker this week will be Thursday night and Friday.  At this point, the latest weather model runs bring in a strong low pressure system to the Ohio Valley in that time frame.  On the current path, we would be looking at a few inches of potential snowfall.  As we know, the forecast will still need to be fine tuned as this event gets closer.  But definitely keep checking back with us on the type of precipitation from this system and potential snowfall amounts.  It’s just a little too early to say exactly what will happen, but this will be the big talker of the week.


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