Distracted semi driver causes fatal accident in Montgomery County

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Just before 8 Sunday morning, a semi driving eastbound on I-74 in Montgomery County, ran into the back of a parked vehicle killing the back seat passenger.

State Police were called to the scene where a blue 2006 Chevrolet Impala parked on the emergency lane had stopped to change drivers, when Hugh H. Guild Jr, 24 years old from Indianapolis exited the back left passenger door.

A  semi driven by Max M. Jackson, 38 years old from Beech Grove, IN was eastbound when the lens of his glasses fell to the floor. When he reached down to pick up the lens, the semi drifted off the right side of the roadway and struck the Impala killing Guild

The front seat passenger Sheldon P. Nez, 21 years old from Tuba City, AZ was transported to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis with non life threatening head injuries, but two other men who were in the vehicle at the time were not injured.


  • Jennifer

    i think someone needs to do some proof reading before publishing these articles. This is very poorly written with many errors.

    • Miranda

      Normally I am able to ignore the many careless typos and errors but it has just become a normal thing for Fox59…it is hard to take you guys seriously when you don't seem to put much thought or care to what you post.

  • Judi

    How can an accident happen around 8 am Sunday morning when it is almost 10 pm on Saturday? Boy someone really needs to proof read articles before sending them out. The above article is very poorly written.

  • Pamela46077

    I am so sorry for the boy that lost his life, his family, and his friends, and the driver of the semi will have to live with the guilt the rest of his life, but please Fox 59, have enough respect for the parties involved to report the facts correctly and without so many grammatical errors. This is not a TEXT message! My thoughts and prayers to all involved.

  • Coco

    I pray for all the parties involved. Its sad man, I knew him when I first came out and use to go to parties and chill. The last time I saw him was over the summer at a party and we laughed and caught up on old times.. man you never know when its your last. God bless be with the others and I know Hugh you are in a much better place and away from the pain and suffering her on earth. I love you and God bless your family man. No offense but I HOPE your family sues the driver and trucking company for EVERYTHING because his carelessness is no excuse

  • Tiana

    People, a man, a son died and all you can start off by saying is how the author can't write. How do you know that they didn't personally know this person and family, that maybe they had been upset by this news, that maybe they don't get enough sleep trying to keep up with all the negativity in the world trying to do their job just so you can criticize them? Let's not be so disrespectful that we lose sight of the real story here. A loved one to someone is gone.

    • Miranda

      Because this is a recurring problem of Fox59. It's disrespectful to the families and the victims of crimes when Fox 59 is reporting confusing information.

  • guest

    If you copy and paste the article in Microsoft Word and run a spell and grammar check on the article and the only error it found was an extra space between words.

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