Hostess pension fund hires investment bank

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Former Hostess employees, including hundreds of Hoosiers, are trying to protect their future.

The pension fund representing the workers has now hired an investment bank. The union wants to make sure that any new owners of Wonder Bread, Twinkies and other iconic brands honor Hostess’ pension obligations.

The union also wants those companies to hire former Hostess workers.

Hostess filed for bankruptcy a year ago and is now selling off its assets.


  • Dean

    Maybe the union should have taken the offer that was offered to them before all this happened. Once again people wanted more when there was no more to give, and now there out in the cold. Maybe next time they will think before saying NO to what was offered.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Hey Dean, Maybe you should get the facts straight before you insert your foot. Better yet, maybe you should have tried working for the company so you would know first hand how they treated people like crap. It wasn't the Unions fault, nor the Bakers fault. There was " No More " to give long before this all took place believe me,, and " WE" the people that worked for them new it. That's why the " Union " acted as they did, In case you didn't know it ,,, the Union acted on what the worker's wanted,,,not the other way around like you think. The company had this planned since 2009, so get the facts first !!!

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Dean, you got part of that right. I was merely trying to make a point. The "Media" is only telling half the story, the story the company wants people to hear. What do you expect from "Upper-Level Management". That's what they do. We are just "people", like you, caught up in this mess. If you ever get the chance,talk to any of the "Former" workers, you'll see I'm telling the truth. Good job to have had,, but "Miserable" Company to work with on any issue. We will work again,,in time,,we always have,, Except next time it won't be for "Hostess" ! People are just begining to hear what really happened, you'll hear more,it's not over yet. Hopefully the next company will allow some of the Hard Working,Honest,Former Workers,to go back to work,,,Have a good day man.

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