No one will be charged following accidental shootings at gun shows

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No one will be charged after three accidental shootings at gun shows over the weekend. One of them was in Indianapolis.

Thousands packed the Indiana State Fairgrounds for the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show. While leaving, a 54-year-old man inadvertently shot himself in the hand.

At the Dixie Gun and knife show in Raleigh, N.C., a 12-gauge shotgun discharged as its owner unzipped its case during a pre-entry inspection. Three people, including the gun’s owner, were wounded.

In Medina, Ohio, a gun dealer was checking out a semi-automatic handgun when he accidentally pulled the trigger.

“Whenever they got it, it turned out the firearm was loaded somehow and when the individual went to clear it, the gun went off and hit his friend in the arm and in the leg,” said Jim Conrad, Medina Gun Show Promoter.

In all the instances, no one was seriously hurt.


  • Rick

    Criminal charges NO ! For clean up and medical expenses . . . you better believe it. There were no laws broken. You can't legislate stupidity. Maybe a better idea would be to put bullet traps at the doors for officers or show personnel to put the muzzle in when clearing and securing the actions. Just common sense to me. You guys showed be ashamed for trying to muckrake such a hot issue and try to use your positions to usher in gun control.

    • Todd

      Yes you can, it is call reckless endangerment. In Indy the guy had no need to be loading his gun while walking. In NC, the guy should have checked and double checked the rifle before going to the gun show. I am 100% pro gun and don't like what Obama and NY have done but I absolutely do believe these two at least should be charged.

  • micahbennett1

    i think somebody should be charged with something cause how do you accidently shoot someone twice. you can't do it not with the same gun anyways. and that is too coincidental that people get shot at the same trade show but at different locations.

  • micahbennett1

    now i don't by that cause first off who in their right mind is going to point a gun at someone when they pull it out of a case. and yes i understand about ricochets and it did not say that there was only one shot that dislodged from the gun. and the only possible gun that could have done what your suggesting would have had to be smaller then a 32 cal. round and on top of everything how do you accidently happen to pull the trigger. and .45 round would have blown a hole the size of a apple in the persons arm and lodged in the leg. and you have to ask your self who sells a loaded weapon at a trade show. it is against the law to do that.

  • steve s

    You can’t cure STUPID. The hype about gun control caused these shows to become infected with unsafe idiots who would have normally stayed home. The “real” gun collectors/target shooters live by safe handling rules.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      >hype about gun control caused these shows to become infected


      And what's worse is there are always few deals at these shows but I'm sure the dealers upped their prices for the morons flooding to them.

  • Darian

    The incident where his friend was shot twice was by a semi-automatic handgun. One pull on that trigger can cause multiple bullets to fire from that gun in a second. Guns don't kill people, the people behind them do. Accidents happen, which is why guns should only be used by professionals, people with proper training, or just people with good intentions and common sense. No charges should be filed against the people involved in these incidences.

    • ReSS

      Another classic example of a fool who knows nothing of the subject. A semi auto weapon means one trigger pull fires one round. You, dear ignorant reader, are speaking of a fully automatic weapon. Pleasee go back to wherever it is you came from, at least until you stumble upon enough knowlege on the subject to speak intelligently.

  • Chris

    Don’t charge these poor people! They obviously don’t have the mental capacity to understand they did something wrong….. Sortof like when a baby poops it’s pants. I think it is great people like that are pushing to keep their weapons.

  • Chris

    If it is against the law to sell a loaded weapon at a gun show, then why shouldn't they be charged for that violation?

  • Abathar

    I bet if the policy was that security would point every weapon at the owner's foot who brought it in and pull the trigger before he could go on we would have a lot fewer of these mishaps…

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