Parents prepare children for extreme cold as schools choose to cancel or delay

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Central Indiana parents are keeping a close watch on the forecast as they wait to hear from their school districts on what the plans are for school Tuesday.

“At this point, as cold as it is, knowing it’s gonna be colder Tuesday, I wish they would at least delay it,” said parent Kalie Byrd.

School Superintendents in Marion County held a telephone conference Monday to discuss their options.

“A lot of times with these major decisions the superintendents will talk amongst themselves, so they make the best decisions possible for everyone,” said John Althardt, spokesperson with Indianapolis Public Schools.

Althardt said schools have a wide range of issues to consider before closing or delaying school, but safety of students is the number one priority.

“It’s waiting at the bus stop, it’s how long it takes our walkers to get from their home to school and what kind of exposure to extreme weather is there and then how do we balance that with the running of school, making sure we have school days,” Althardt said.

Until parents get word from their child’s school, they should prepare them for the elements.

“We just gotta do what we can as parents and just bundle our kids up make sure they’re not outside for very long, maybe wait at the bus stop in the cars, do what we can to keep them from being outside for too long,” said Byrd.

Covering exposed skin, dressing warm and limiting the amount of time children are in the cold are the best ways to keep them safe.

School districts in Marion County will let parents know the plan by 6 a.m. Tuesday.

View a complete list of delays and closures.


  • montana3802

    I guess I missed something here in the past 25 or so years, I grew up in Michigan in the 40s 50s and 60s in weather so cold in would freeze the oil in our tractors. 25 to 30 below wasn't far from normal. We still went to school no matter how deep the snow. It took a real blizzard to close the schools. My children walked 5 blocks to school everyday no matter what. But now even if old man winter sneezes everybody jumps and shouts "protect the kids" I don't get it!? How are the children supposed to grow up unafraid?
    We can't nanny them forever can we?

    • Rick

      Totally agree. Wow, it's COLD. No kidding!! That is why it's called WINTER.You would think that parents would have winter clothes for their kids.Oh,that's right, the video game was more important !! Next thing we will see is calling off school because it is raining and we can't get anyone wet. Do you think that Alaska calls off school when it is cold ?

  • katherine demma

    were not talking 25-30 were talking 1 by late tonight and that is to cold for kids to be standing waiting on a bus or walking to school just because it was done like that when you or your kids went to school didn't make it safe and that's the deal it's not about being afraid

  • Keith Whitley

    What do they do in Northern Minnesota, have two hour delays every day for three months? Just bundle them up. It's going to be the EXACT SAME WINDCHILL two hours later.

  • Satan

    i agree with KEITH. You guys live in INDIANA come on. Get a grip. Now i gotta worry about getting a babysitter and stuff. This is a LOAD OF S***

  • mamaof2

    I grew up in Chicago and there were only a handful of times school was closed, being cold was not one of them. I understand and agree with not being outside for long but this is crazy. I have never heard of so many school delays or closings than here in Indiana.

  • Kathy

    Remember, some of our children do not have the proper clothing for this type of weather due to various reasons.

  • Nita

    We played in this kind of weather when I was a kid, so standing on a bus stop was not a big deal. We put on long johns (or sweats if we didn't have long johns) under our pants, a sweater or jacket underneath our heavy duty coat, mittens or gloves, hats and/or earmuffs, and put a scarf around our face. Kids noweadays don't go outside and don't know how to dress, so they aren't immune to the cold like we used to be. However, I bundle my kids up because I don't feel cold is a reason to cancel school or have a two hour delay. It's still going to be almost as cold two hours later.

  • Jessica

    Indanapolis public schools should do the same ! i am a student at arsenal tech and we stand outside of building for about 20 minutes before they open buildings.

  • myeisha

    arsenal tech high skool needs a delay it isnt fair that we have to walk out to qet to classs i am always keepin sick

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