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Bill on blood draw rules moves forward in Indiana Senate

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A bill on who can draw blood from a suspected drunk driver is moving forward in the Indiana Statehouse.

The legislation is in response to the case against IMPD Officer David Bisard. He hit three motorcyclists in 2010, killing one of them.

There has been controversy over his blood draw and if it can be used in court.

Under the new bill, anyone properly trained will be able to take a blood sample. The issue will now be voted on by the full Senate


  • JJJ

    This hurts the average citizen more than it helps the ridiculous issue that it is founded upon. No average citizen would have ever fallen through this loophole that Bisard has supposedly exposed but we all know that is a bunch of BS cover-up anyway. Now they try to get the public to buy into this crap could end up hurting average citizens more than it helps. Notice how it states "anyone properly trained will be able to take a blood sample" It could be the EMT or a cop at the scene draw your blood now. I'm not sure that's such a good idea judging by the IMPD record of tampering with blood evidence, this would just make it easier for them to do it.

    • ???wtf???

      tax dollar funded corruption hard at work, you are completely correct, time to revolt localy and nationally

    • dvt802

      This has absolutley nothing to do with the Obama administration. This whole Bisard thing has been done and is being done under Republican Mayor, Governor and Legislature. I doubt anybody in the Obama administration was ever asked about the situation and even fewer ever heard of it. Not everything in life is about Obama.

  • maria

    i think it is bull becouse if it was us that dont live behide the badge needs to be treated live a peson besides a cop eric was my good friend and it is not right for what his family has to go thew. my blood test was in the courts and they wtalked with it this is all bull s*%t

    • BRYAN B

      for some reason thats the way the world turns as for the cops they get by with it i posted under neath you but if a cop feels the need to wake up every morning lie and cheat his way through the day like most the cops i have met then i guess this world is worse then we thought even thought its been going on for many years


    as long as your not a so called cop if thats what you call them i dont none of them then you cant get by with anything they all cover up fpr each other and always will BROTHERHOOD OR NO BROTHERHOOD!!! YOUR HERE TO PROTECT THE WORLD NOT LIE AND CHEAT THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!

    • guest

      Some news articles say he is getting paid and some say he's not. I hope not. If so, he will be getting a very long paid vacation before this case ever makes it to trial.

  • guest

    If and whenever this goes to trail, I sure hope Bisard burns in hell. Any cop that breaks the law and trust of the citizens should be sent to prison for at least twice the normal sentence as a regular citizen. If they were to do that to some of these law breaking pigs who think they are above the law, then this kind of crap would come to a screatching halt. And the same with the politicians.

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