City announces creation of efficiency teams to focus on variety of local issues

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Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and Public Safety Director Troy Riggs unveiled Tuesday the first of more than two dozen efficiency teams that will take a comprehensive look on how Indianapolis protects its citizens.

The first four efficiency teams–the DPS Business Plans Team, the Police Morale Team, the DPS Vehicles Team and the Police Personnel Allocations Team –launched Tuesday.

Riggs told Fox59 News he needs a top to bottom review of public safety to determine the best protection of city neighborhoods during a time of shrinking manpower and budgets.

In the months to come, other teams will examine issues throughout the police, fire and animal control departments.

The Department of Public Safety said the efficiency teams were launched in order to become as effective and efficient as possible, to increase community and employee involvement in charting the future and to become the finest public safety department in the nation.

“DPS is creating these teams to evaluate the current DPS infrastructure, including the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Animal Care and Control (ACC), Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services (IEMS) and Public Safety Communications (PCS).  These teams will be tasked with analyzing budgets, daily operations, administrative processes, staffing and resource allocation.

“The purpose of the efficiency teams is to provide a means of responsibly, effectively and efficiently reshaping and redirecting the components of the DPS, and we also believe this should be a transparent process to best serve our employees and the community”, said DPS Director Troy Riggs. “We’d be remiss if we didn’t take advantage of this opportunity for internal review and assessment.”

Each team will consist of employees, members of the public, elected officials and affected labor unions.  The teams will be given goals, objectives and will be required to meet deadlines.

The first four teams will meet Wednesday.  Officials said another six teams will commence in the second quarter of 2013, with additional efficiency teams being formed as needed throughout the year.  The first four teams are expected to present their recommendations by June 1.

For more information about the plans for each team, visit the Department of Public Safety website.


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    Efficiency teams really mean money making teams. Look at IEMS, they shut down ambulances every day because they aren't doing a ton of runs. DHS and DPS is about profits, NOT public safety. They only care about saving money.

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    We need a place to post recommendations as the public. How many people have great ideas, if only they could be heard?

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