Hundreds of schools delayed classes Tuesday, but not IPS

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Hundreds of Central Indiana schools started their day a little later than normal after dangerously cold temperatures had districts running on a 2-hour delay Tuesday.

Districts were hoping the extra time would allow conditions to improve. Schools told Fox59 News they delayed the start of school to help keep students safe from the sub-zero temperatures.

Lawrence Township’s 19 schools were delayed Tuesday.

Mary Louise Bewley, spokeswoman for the district, said the decision came Monday evening after superintendents all over Marion County held a teleconference discussing their individual plans that best serve the students in each district.

“Even within districts, there are communities and neighborhoods that have their own needs so, you just try to look overall at the big picture. What do our kids need, how can our kids deal with the situation and then make the best decision you can?” said Bewley. “It’s the situation where no matter what the decision the superintendent makes, there’s going be somebody that just disagrees, but they do make that decision really looking at what’s gonna be best for children.”

But not all school districts chose to delay. Indianapolis Public Schools operated on a normal schedule Tuesday.

IPS spokesman John Althardt said there were two main factors that went into the decision. He cited the fact that the weather was not expected to improve that much between the normal school start time and the 2-hour delay. Althardt also cited the district’s responsibilities for feeding breakfast to more than 15,000 students each day. For many students, that’s an important meal. Eight out of every ten IPS student are living in poverty.

By Monday night, dozens of school corporations had already made the decision to delay the start of school.

Marion County parents told Fox59 that they expect schools to operate on a normal schedule on Wednesday.


  • Diana

    No I do not, if parents don't want the kids to wait in the weather for a bus they should either take them to school or let them sit in a warm car till the bus comes.

    • brooke

      Diana…. Some parents have to work!!!! They can't take their children to school.. When school doesnt start until after 8!

  • Brenda

    In the mean time Gene White was comfey in his mansion counting the $800,000 the IPS board gave him to get the heck out of our city

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