Investigators: Hit-and-run suspect changed story after seeing evidence against him

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Investigators said a fatal hit-and-run suspect changed his story after being confronted with the evidence they had against him.

Greg Hudson, 50, faces a charge of failure to stop after an accident causing death following Kathy Clark’s death. The 63-year-old was walking along Meridian Street and Troy Avenue when she was hit.

After receiving an anonymous tip, investigators found a truck matching the description of the vehicle that hit Clark at a Shelbyville repair shop. Hudson owns that shop, court documents revealed Tuesday.

When asked how his vehicle became damaged, Hudson told investigators he visited a few businesses on the city’s northeast side and that it must have been damaged while he was inside one of the businesses.

When confronted with the paint chips and headlight lens pieces recovered from the scene of the crash on the city’s south side, court documents said, Hudson admited he did drive his pickup truck along South Meridian Street the night of the accident.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Hudson said he hit what he thought was a wooden barricade as he approached Troy Avenue. He said he didn’t know he hit a person until two days later. Hudson said he thought about turning himself in numerous times but didn’t call police to report the accident.


    • Ms Billie

      Debbie I agree with you mine was deleted also and I felt the same way we were simply telling the truth he is a douche bag. I still think he's going to walk away from this a free man and it simply isn't fair, he killed Kathy and should have to go to jail for murder. If the idiot had stopped she may have lived.

  • dorthy hill

    the place she work ,told a lie, she didn't arrive home safely, she was comming from work when she was hit.

    • Lady

      What they said was that she made it home after her shift and later that night she was on her way to see a friend play in a band when she was hit.

  • Ms Billie

    Changing his story now that should tell the police something (he's still lying). How can they say there wasn't any alcohol or drugs involved he had days to sober up. If he wasn't drunk when he hit what he says he thought was a wooden barricade why didn't he stop to check his vehicle's damage like anyone sober would have done. He also lied about visiting those businesses whats keeping him from lying about being drunk. Also he says he didn't know he hit a person until 2 days later and thought about turning himself in numerous times but didn't. Definitely sounds like a remorseful man to me, if the police hadn't found him he would have never come forward.

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