IPL to spend millions to reduce emissions at power plants

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Indianapolis Power and Light will spend millions to reduce emissions at the Harding Street power plant and at another plant in the southwestern part of the state.

It’s a move that could cost consumers, a 2 to 3 percent annual increase, over a number of years. IPL is looking to charge customers to cover the cost.

The company said more than $500 million has to go to reduce mercury emissions to comply with EPA regulations.


  • hoosierdad

    they say 2-3, which means its gonna be more like 6-7, if were lucky. i remember when this one guy said, "under my plan, energy costs will necessarily skyrocket"… but im sure this has nothing to do with that

  • rhondaleebaby69

    Good, it's about time. Utility costs SHOULD increase by a small percentage every year to mirror inflation and COLA increases. We shouldn't be paying the same rates for water/wastewater/gas/electricity that we did 10 years ago.

  • PB and Jay

    CO2 is not an emission…Drink that Kool-Aide..go ahead…
    Rhondaleebaby69 wants to pay higher amounts…I don't mind that much either…except we are paying for pseudo-science and Eco-politics.

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