IPS students head to school on time in freezing temperatures Tuesday

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Indianapolis Public Schools students headed to school on their regular schedule despite freezing temperatures Tuesday.

IPS spokesman John Althardt told Fox59 the school district decided to proceed on time because many of the students participated in the school breakfast programs.

Althardt said IPS busses began warming up as early as 5:30 a.m. Tuesday.

“They said technically that it was supposed to be a little bit warmer two hours later but the problem with starting later is that lots of the parents of kids at the schools work and they have to still be at work.  So then the question becomes, ‘who will stay with my child, get them ready, and lock up after I leave?” said IPS parent Jennifer Eastwick. “So it really is better for everybody that we stick to our schedule as much as possible.”

More than 100 area schools issued two-hour delays after the forecast called for the coldest temperatures in Central Indiana in two years.

A wind chill advisory was issued Monday evening and is expected to run through 11 a.m. Tuesday.   Wind chills reached 12 below zero Tuesday morning.


  • amy

    what about all the kids walking IPS is really dumb breakfast really and what about dinner are they feeding the kids dinner before they go home and im sorry I have 3 kids and I always have a backup for when things like this happens that is just good parenting and responsibility, The school is not there to raise our kids……………

    • KJJ

      A "good parent" would teach their kids that when life gets a little rough you adjust – in this case bundle up. You think this is bad, try living a winter in Wyoming. They dress warm, put chains on their tires and go. Excessively spoiling your kids doesn't make you a good parent, and consider yourself lucky that you have a "back-up" not everyone has that luxury.

  • Christina.

    This Is Crazy IPS Should Of Had A Delay because i had to miss work and my child was freezing they needa come up with a plan to fix this …

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