Police search for hit-and-run driver that critically injured young teen

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About two months ago, an Indianapolis mother didn’t know if her 13-year-old daughter would live to see Thanksgiving.

“There were some injuries that could have really cost her her life,” said Charlotte Jones.

That was Nov. 16, when Charlotte’s daughter, Karmyn, was struck by an SUV near the corner of 71st Street and Michigan Road.

As Karmyn lay bleeding in the street, the driver of the white Chevy Suburban drove away. The accident left her in critical condition.

“She was in the ICU for probably three weeks before she was able to be moved down to a floor,” Charlotte said.

About two months later, Karmyn is recovering, and she has returned to school.  However, she lost a kidney as a result of the accident, and she’ll have scars on her arm and head for the rest of her life.

“There’s no way that he could not have known that he hit a person,” Charlotte said.  “It’s just not possible.”

While the search for the driver continues, the trail has recently gone cold. But last week, Charlotte watched all the news coverage of the hit-and-run death of Kathy Clark.  She saw how a tip from the public resulted in the arrest of Greg Hudson of Shelbyville.

That prompted her to call Indianapolis Metropolitan Police and ask them to seek help from the public and IMPD responded.

“There was a feeling that maybe we could gain some traction with this case that hasn’t been solved yet to get it out there and hopefully get some public input,” said IMPD Officer Michael Hewitt.

Police are now asking for information about the suspect vehicle.  It was described as a 1992 to 1999 White Chevy Suburban with the letter “W” in the license plate.

The vehicle was driven by male and will likely have existing or recently repaired damage on the front end.

While Charlotte is grateful her daughter survived the accident, she wants the man who hit her to face justice for leaving her in the street.

“You really caused some physical damage to my daughter,” Charlotte said.  “She’ll have some scars for life from this.  And regardless of your fear, I hope that you come in and turn yourself in.”

Anyone with information that could break this case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.


  • spokenword100

    May God Bless this young lady with a speedy recovery and great health hence forward! Please Lord help the police to apprehend this guy! In your name I pray AMEN!

  • DeeDee75

    Why did the mother have to ASK officers to bring media attention to this case? Why wasn't attention given to it back in November?

    Well at least it's happening now, eventhough the guy has had more than enough time to fix the evidence.
    Hopefully, the person who did this will turn himself in. Have a heart, see what you did to this young lady…

  • Chris newton-Massey

    Lord have mercy what's this world coming too!! It's bad enough this child was hit but they drove off and left her there!! I will be on the look out for this individual.. When they are caught I hope they prosecute them to the fullest… I am so sick of people having no regards for there actions and they need to be made accountable!!! God bless this young girl and I pray she has a speedy recovery..

  • Karmyn

    ' Hi I Am The Little Girl In This Story That Got Hit By The Unknown Person,It Hurts Me Deeply To Know That Someone Could Just Run Me Over & Not Even Care,I Was In The Hospital For Over TWO Months,I Had Over 6 Surgeries,I Missed Christmas & Thanksgiving I Am SO BLESSED I Could Have Died Out There…Thank You All For All Your Support : ) I Am Doing Much Better Now Even Though I Have Permanent Scares & Only One Kidney !

    -Karmyn Le'Nessa Jones ❤

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