Hoosiers going without heat, hoping for help

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Too many Hoosiers are having difficulty staying warm this season.  Whether it is trying to afford their heating bill, or not having it in the budget at all, people need help.  Thankfully, organizations are stepping up to give people that help.

Jennifer Anderson was hoping her persistence would pay off.

“Work is slow and I do not have the money right now,” said Anderson.

It was Anderson’s fifth time waiting, bills in hand, at Community Action Assistance.  The first 10 qualified people to walk in everyday get help on their monthly bills.  If Anderson could get that help, she could get her heat turned back on. Sadly, Anderson was once again turned away.

“What do my kids do?  What do you tell kids when it is negative 20 outside with the wind-chill?  We are running out of blankets, we have no heat,” said Anderson.

Anderson is determined to get her power back, dozens of others are desperate to keep their furnaces running.

“If they shut off your power, they shut off your power, there is nothing that you can do,” said another person who got turned away at Community Action Assistance.

The sign on North Meridian says to show up at 1:30 p.m. and hope to be one of the first 10 in line. Anderson says she can’t wait that long.

“I am going to come at 7 in the morning and stalk the building until they let me in,” said Anderson.

If you need help with your bills, there are five Community Action Assistance locations around Central Indiana.  You can find the one nearest you online.




  • Tammy Garrett

    I got help from the John Bonner community center and threw center township trustees and their was a small program that also helped call heart home heart warm and I had a $800 bill and my heat was off, but 3 days and 3 organization's and I had heat the next day. Just thought I would let you know there is more than one place for help.

  • Really?

    $800.00??? Really? I have a 2000 sq.ft. home, and my electric bill and gas bill is $140.00. Ever heard of plastic sheets over windows? O r a little bit of weatherproofing? Or turn the heat down from 100 degrees? Good lord.be responsible…..

  • Really?

    And watching the story this morning, one "lady" is standing in line, nails done with an IPhone……..but I need help wit ma bills……..

    • Jennifer Anderson

      I am the girl on the news and those are my REAL nails and my iPhone was a Christmas gift from my mom. I work and pay bills but little do you know I took in 3 kids that don’t belong to me because they had no one else and I didn’t want them lost in the system. Shame on you for casting judgement on a person without knowing their story. I help anyone in need even if I have very little to offer. I will pray for you!

  • Kenny

    Anyone can fall on hard times and it do not matter what kind of car you drive or what your dressed like. Ms Anderson you may need to sign up for the weatherization program because it seem like you have a very leaky home. Your loosing all of your heat to the outside.

  • amy

    I live in an older home two and my heat runs about 350 per month get a couple months behind and there you go you owe 800 not all of us live in nice cookie cutter homes with energy efficient this and that and I have plastic over my windows but in an older home cracks and crevices pre vail I work two jobs and live pay check to pay check quit judging until you walk in someone elses shoes you may not know what situation they are in!

  • Tammy Garrett

    couldn't say it any better Jennifer, the reason my bill was so high is cause I have been unemployed for a long time now and I never turn my heat past 70 degree's MR REALLY, and just so you know there was plastic on all the window and we chalked the windows and doors to, but have you ever paid for your house to be winterized, it cost alot of money and when your unemployed money doesn't fall off tree's.
    Jennifer you'll be in my prays it takes a wonderful soul to do what your doing with those kids god bless you, and your nails are fine!

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