Local real estate salesperson accused of misusing company money has license suspended

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The Indiana Real Estate Commission suspended the licenses of Indy-based real estate salesperson David Garden on Wednesday.

Garden, as president of Star Homes doing business as Garden Home Realty, is said to have misused company money in a way that could be considered conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud, failure to remit earnest money and license renewal fraud. Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office reached an agreement with Garden to temporarily suspend his license for 90 days.

The licensing board will set a hearing date to consider the 30-count licensing complaint filed by the Attorney General’s office last year and will determine what the appropriate disciplinary action will be.

“The suspension against Garden helps ensure consumers are protected from questionable acts while the formal complaint against Garden is being considered by the board,” said Gabrielle Owens, Deputy Director of the Attorney General’s Licensing Enforcement and Homeowner Protection Unit. “Since filing the original licensing complaint, 16 new consumers have come forward alleging they too had been ripped off by Garden. Our office believes it is in the best interest of the public to suspend him from operating until a resolution is determined.”

One complaint says that a customer paid $1,000 to Garden Home Realty to place a $23,000 bid on a HUD property located in Indianapolis. The customer later found out that HUD only requires a $500 payment. The buyer later paid a separate broker $500 and placed a bid on the same property for $21,000 – which he won. The customer never received a refund from Garden.

In another case, a customer paid $1,000 and made an offer to purchase a commercial property from Garden. The individual’s offer was not accepted and his payment was not returned.

An Indianapolis couple signed a lease and paid a $1,000 security deposit on a rental property owned by Garden. According to the petition, the renters were told the home would be remodeled and in “showroom condition” upon move-in, but the property was “infested with roaches” and the carpets “smelled of dog urine and feces.” The couple decided not to rent the property, but demands for a refund of the deposit were denied.

According to the filing, Garden renewed his real estate broker’s license in 2009 without acknowledging that criminal charges were pending against him. In 2011, Garden renewed his license again and failed to acknowledge he had pled guilty to Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) with a prior OWI.


  • delpino

    I did some work for this slum lord and had to call him everyday for payment said he would meet me never show finally got paid glad he's getting what he deserves

  • Jennifer Smith

    David has been doing this for years – including living in Newly flippled homes and charging out the wazoo for his fees and running with the fees – He has been living an upscale life on peoples loses – including getting Hair plugs – I know this because my mom use to date him – He is a Horrible excuse of a waist of space on this earth!!

  • roxanne

    He got my mother for 1,800 and we took him to court 3 times and won and still have not got our money back he pryes on old and young people, what a shame we are now still to this day trying to get our money back it was not much to us but my elderly mothers all. He needs to find a real job with some hard labor and see what people go through to get real earned money YES HE IS HORRIBLE AND CAN STILL HAVE THE CHANCE TO PEOPLE. I THINK THEY NEED TO TAKE HIS LICIENSE TILL HE IS MADE TO PAY EVERYONE BACK HE HAS TOOK FROM!!!!

  • guest

    Dave, is slime deals in drugs and sex abuse of young women who are helpless. I hope he goes to jail for all he has done but we all know crooked people find loopholes in the system and then continue to do the same evil as before. Ripping off the old and young promising the American dream of owning a home or by giving people jobs in trade for sex or drugs! Burn in he!! Mister

  • Guest

    It's amazing Mr. Garden hasn't gotten hurt by someone over treating them unfairly. Sounds like he may lose his license. How does someone like this not have to pay restitution and serve time in prison? The people who have been taken advantage of should file a case action suit. I imagine he owns real estate that could be liquidated.

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