Four children removed from Bloomington home after meth lab discovered

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Four young children were placed into the custody of Child Protective Services after police located a meth lab in a Bloomington, Ind. home Wednesday.

Joshua Scroggins, 27; Misty Chambers, 21; and Dale McCutchen, 29, were arrested in connection with the incident.

Officers with Indiana State Police responded to the home in the 1000 block of N. Summitt Street at approximately 9 p.m. Upon arrival, police said they found an active methamphetamine laboratory.

The officers removed the hazardous chemicals, including sodium hydroxide lye, organic solvents such as starting fluid, ammonium nitrate, lithium, muriatic acid, pseudoephedrine and sulfuric acid.

Four children, ranging from ages 5 months to 4 years old, were found inside the home and placed into the custody of CPS officials.

All three suspects were transported to the Monroe County Jail.

Scroggins and Chambers face charges of manufacturing methamphetamine in a government housing project, possession of precursors with intent to manufacture meth, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of meth, neglect of a dependent and possession of paraphernalia.

McCutchen was preliminarily charged with visiting a common nuisance.

Photo: (left to right) Scroggins, Chambers and McCutchen


  • Chris

    Did these druggies not learn anything from the fire in December that killed a young boy which started because his mother had a meth lab going!!! Why do these people have kids? My heart goes out to these innocent children.

  • KarenK

    These types of folks don't have time to learn anything from each other unless it's a better recipe for mixing the sh-t. One of my husband's high school friends burned their house down a few years with their 2 year old in it. They, of course, got out. About a year ago, his cousin and her 4yo were caught in a fire where both them died.
    Down here in Washington, they actually have a red button outside the ER with a sign reading "if you have any biohazard on you,push the button and stay put." Crazy!!!!!!!

  • Ray

    I think they should lock Josh up let misty out I know them very well he’s a drug addict she’s never done drugs she’s a victim of love and abuse she needs help getting away from Josh and his family then she needs to focus on her children she never would have been involved voluntarily he makes her do whatever he wants her to do.

    • guest

      they both r in fault she is just as bad as he is they both r dope heads and should both go to jail and never get their kids back

    • NOONE

      no one is a victim unless they choose it..she needs some serious help if she was willing to put her kids and her own life at risk all for a man.. that's sorry and sad……… she is a good mother? There is a BIG difference between loving a child and being a good parent..don't get the two twisted up..I mean if that's a good mother than what is the definition of a bad mother? The kids deserve much better..they do not have a choice nor a voice in this mess. If nothing else the kids being taken away will give them an opportunity to have a fresh start at life…and as far as her being forced..BS…there are plenty of options in this country for abuse victims to seek help…It is easier for me to take thinking she is an addict then not because if she doesn't have a drug problem she has no excuse at all…

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    These are NOT meth heads! They're a super secret, highly intelligent scientific combine working on wonder cures and miracles of science.

    You can tell these people are intelligent just by looking at them. Why, the guy on the right makes Mensa members look like babbling idiots.

    Shame on the po-po for busting up this think tank!

  • amanda Bridgewater

    Misty is a good mother but loves a drug dealer who put her and her babies in hell I just pray that she will learn for this and walk away from him

  • FutureIsOnUs

    She allowed her children to be in this mess, she does not deserve to walk away. There are to many agencies out here willing and able to help women like this (if your scenario about her is true). This wasnt marijuana or pills this was a very dangerous life threatening situation that she ALLOWED her children to be around. The chemicals alone are deadly to a child. She needs to stay locked up (this will help her stay away from him) and those children deserve a loving, healthy family.

    • amanda Bridgewater

      Will children don’t need to be around marijuana or pills are u crazy all drugs are bad and children don’t need to be involved in that

  • Real_talk

    Your all fooled! Sorry, it didn't happen sooner! Face the facts folks, single out one of them over the other. lol THEY BOTH WERE DIRTYBALL DRUG USING TRASH. I'm sorry, strong words, I'm so not one to judge people AT ALL for the way they live, nobody including myself is perfect, really however every one is comfortable in their setting of living, but theirs has always been WRONG. Misty is a worthless mother, Josh is a deadbeat father. Misty was pregant with her twins doing drugs( most current fact) Breastfed.. ha put a fresh infant on the tit and joint in the mouth at the same time ??Everyone talks and truely knows how she is. Abusive,yelling , rough on ALL those kids.. HELL GUYS wasn't CPS just involved cuz something w smacking her kid in the store, or something. I could be little off with the whole story. Josh needs his junk cut off to prevent producing any more children. Misty she needs FIXED, Both em' need ALL rights taken as PARENTS permently .Yes, I think people make bad choices, learn, fix, better their selfs but you all who know them KNOW THE DAMN TRUTH, it !!!!!!!!!! Shall pray for the children for the hope of it, but they will have a MUCH BETTER life without them.

  • hart broken

    so sad for the kids maybe they will forget all the tragedy that has been in their lives and grow to be loved and wanted more then drugs meth is hard on everyone even those that dont do it but have someone they love or know that is doing it prayers for the kids and everyone involved

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