Four masked men burst into home, rob southside couple at gunpoint

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INDIANAPOLIS – Four men armed with guns and wearing masks burst into a southside home early Thursday morning, waking a husband and wife while robbing their home.

The husband was pistol whipped when he attempted to stop them, according to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

The men stole money, jewelry, guns, computers, TVs, an Xbox 360 videogame system and cellphones from the home in the 3100 block of Asbury Street. The incident happened around 3:30 a.m.

The homeowners said the men wore masks to cover their faces and were dressed in black. They also wore gloves and were armed, the report said. The thieves spent about an hour inside the home before leaving.

The homeowners believed a fifth man may have been serving as a lookout, the report said.

The case remains under investigation.


  • LeAnna

    we had something similiar happen to us while we were at work and when the neighbors called the police all they did was shut the doors to our house didnt call us or anything! our neighbors called us and when we got there the people 14-20 year olds that had did it and walked by they pointed them out we of course called the cops and it took us 30 minutes to even get to talk to the operater! Than when the cops finally did come they got a hold of two of the 10 boys one was 18 one was 19 and they just let them go, even though the neighbors decribed them all the way!

  • adcslfnlk

    i had my car vandalized and reported it and the police officer told me woird for word mam most of the time we dont even investigate burglaries well what are you opaid for then

    • josh

      They do not, they do not have the funding to send people out or handle cases which have a low priority. I';m sorry they told you that, but it's the truth, if we would appropriate the funds this would not be a problem, but we just got to have a stadium, we just got to have an NFL team, pacers. when in reality schools, law enforcement and other services suffer because of those sports teams. they do nothing to contribute much of anything.

      But remember to be patient, if you are not seeking the answers or the help you need, call 317-327-3811 and talk with a dispatcher, they tend to get more done.

  • 'Thor'

    What you need are metal outside security doors, alarm system, large inside dog, and a gun or two by the bed. That is how we do it. Of course given that 4 or 5 were involved, high capacity magazines are a must also.

  • Tigerlady

    Break into my house and there will be 4 dead men for the police and coroner. Pistol under my pillow every night.

  • Felica

    At least they didn't murder them! Man I do not know how I would react. Dogs and guns in my house – but still.

  • Marine57

    It is sad that the home owners had guns and yet were not prepared. Everyone should go to a shooting range regularly and have their guns loaded and ready. Intruders can not "burst" into a home that has steel security doors – it takes time and lots of noise to break through them. And, their bedroom door should have an entryway key-lock installed.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >The husband was pistol whipped when he attempted to stop them



    • tired of it

      Way to be a grownup you effing 12 year old. If there is poetic justice in the world then you too one day will feel the pain and terror that he did.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        There is no poetic justice and if someone caught me with my pants down and wanted to take my Wii, I'd make sure to give them the games too.

        lol…it's just common sense!

  • Dave

    Hey Tired Of It…Clan Smoke Jaguar was probably one of the robbers!!! Grow up Clan!!! what if this would have happened to your family? you jerk!!!!

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