Harbaugh family talks Super Bowl, brother vs. brother

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BLOOMINGTON – How does your family plan for the Super Bowl when one brother is coaching the 49ers and the other brother is coaching the Ravens?

The Harbaugh family is taking all in stride because after all…football is in their blood.

Fox59’s Fanchon Stinger spent the afternoon on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington with Joani Crean who’s married to IU basketball coach Tom Crean and her parents Jack and Jackie Harbaugh.

First things first: they say they will be at the game to cheer on Jim and John after there were reports they may not attend because it would be hard to cheer both at the same time.

Jack Harbaugh said he learned a lot during his coaching days—and has passed that knowledge on to his sons.

“If it’s good for the team you do it. If it’s not good for the team you don’t do it. It’s team, team, team,” he said.

Jack said Jim is the first one who really pointed out the significance of both brothers playing each other in the Super Bowl when his dad told him John and the Ravens had just won their division.

“Jim said, ‘Do you realize what this is setting up?’ And I said, ‘I think I do,’” he recalled.

The first family of this year’s Super Bowl said if anyone can learn anything from them, they hope it would be to put family and country first.

After those words of wisdom, the patriarch of passion himself Jack Harbaugh ended the interview with his famous team battle cry, “Who’s got it better than us? NOBODY!”

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