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IPS school board approves outgoing superintendent’s severance package

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The IPS school board voted in favor of a hefty severance package for its outgoing superintendent Thursday.

In a 5-1 vote, the board approved paying Dr. Eugene White a salary of $188,000 in addition to a car allowance and bonuses each year. Board members said he would receive $619,121.51 between now and 2018, not including the allowances and bonuses. Original estimates had placed the severance package at nearly $800,000.

Earlier this month, White announced he would retire effective April 5. His contract, however, doesn’t end until 2015.

White’s future with the school district had been questioned after new school board members were elected in November, eliminating the majority number of supporters he had on the board.

He has faced criticism for the loss of more than 5,000 students to charter schools and 350 students signing up for vouchers to attend private schools during his tenure.  Additionally, a recent survey conducted by the school district, given to thousands of parents, came back with strong criticism of the school system.  Fifty-two percent of the 7,000 who responded gave IPS a score of six or lower on a 10-point scale.

White first came to Indianapolis as principal of North Central High School in 1990. He later became a deputy superintendent for Washington Township before being elevated to superintendent with the district. He took the superintendent position at IPS in 2005.

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  • Here we go

    It looks like the writing's on the wall about the new board….it's OK to wastes hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars rather than to find a happy medium between ideologies. A bunch of spoiled brats that think their way is better, no matter the cost How much could the schools do with this money? Next they'll be trying to vote themselves a raise. Absolutely disgusting……..

  • CitizenEducation

    This guys conduct resulted in STATE TAKEOVER of several schools after MULTIPLE WARNINGS. He put 5th graders into schools with 20 yr old 12th Graders…..any abortions, rapes, or sexual improprieties as a result?

    -It's long over due.

    Good riddance!

    P. S. Mary "The Dooo" who let him do this to us…well, what do you have to say?

  • Linda

    OMG!!! Why give him severence, he wasn't fired or laid off, he is retiring. He should have a 401K like other retirees. Car allowance and bonuses?? And IPS doesn't have the $$ to keep good teachers, well apparently our children and their educations are worth much to the board. What heap of trash they are all, along with Mr. White!!!

  • Guisseppe

    He's trash, and should have been taken out a long time ago. That ignorant piece of trash SURE doesn't deserve any kind of money. He's one of those fools, EVERYONE KNOWS THE TYPE, that probably can't even SPELL Cadillac.

    Mary Mary quite a freakin piece of trash herself.

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