Police: Girl arrested after threatening to kill teacher, school officer

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A 16-year-old student was arrested Wednesday after police said she threatened to murder her teacher.

The incident occurred at Indianapolis Public School’s Coleman Alternative Academy at approximately 1:38 p.m.

According to the police report, a teacher told police the 16-year-old girl said “I’ll slit your throat” to him after having a disagreement in class. The girl denied saying that but did admit to saying, “I’ll sleep you,” which she confirmed was still a threat to his life, said police.

The teacher told police he was in fear of his safety and wished for the student to be removed from his class.

When the school’s vice principal arrived to the scene, police said the student refused to follow him into his office.  According to the report, the girl began yelling and cursing, disrupting students and staff.

After being instructed several times to comply with demands, an officer placed the student in handcuffs.  The officer reported she continued to resist so he had to “forcibly restrain” the student. Once detained, she said, “When I get out of juvenile, I’m going to come back and kill you…,” stated the report.

The student was preliminarily charged with disorderly conduct, two counts of intimidation and resisting law enforcement.


    • Frank

      Not sure what that means, but Coleman is not only an Alternative setting it also houses 3 different programs for students who are over aged 6th, and 8th graders and 9,10th grade students who feel behind but need a little help, its unfair the reply all you have to read is IPS Coleman Alternative Academy, and its not only IPS students who have issues, because I believe that I just seen a report about a Greenwood school and a burn book. Please wake up and stop judging IPS students, just because they are attending IPS.

  • William

    No surprise here. These "alternative" are nothing more than behavioral segregation. Shuffle the kids around in hopes of pushing them thru the system without losing the head count. IPS way to hang onto dollars allocated for a specific number of students that are in the system full time. Nothing more nothing less.
    Then they are plopped out into society for the rest of us to support.

  • FutureIsOnUs

    @ William I guess putting them totally out of school and in the streets during the day would be a great alternative. I don't know about you but I feel a wee bit better about my home security when most of these teens are sent to "alternative" day time places. Now she will be educated in the kiddie penal system, at least for a small period of time!

  • Boo

    I really like the "no child left behind act" (not) and even with an "Alternative Academy"…More and more kids are getting turned away from schools because of having some sort of disorder…i thanks all the drugs the government requires to pump into our children….This world is getting more and more screw up everyday…..

  • safety guy

    It's mostly parenting, not the school. How many of these kids live with their grandparents while their parents blow coke or sell crack? I would also bet that 80% are brought up with single parents while one or the other are in jail.

  • anonymous

    @SAFETY GUY- I am a 23 year woman that was brought up in a single parent home, while my father was in jail most of my life. And I have never been in jail, never been in trouble with the law, went to college now an RN, and I never went to an alternative school.. So your little comment about how this girl is probably acting like this because she is being brought up in a single parent home is a little rude and not the point. Sounds like to me she is very misguided, and needs some strict structure and some guidance!

      • Anonymous

        I agree she should have been paddled the whole time she was growing up! I was paddled and I paddle my son, I believe that's what wrong with a lot of people. They haven't been properly disciplined. Because everyone says its abuse. No it's showing your child love by showing them what's right and wrong!

  • Mick Belker

    This is another reason to repeal that LIberal "No Child Left Behind Law"….its mandates result in school violence that has never before been seen. Prior to NCLB, the child would have a meeting with a wooden paddle in the principal's office and that in most cases was the end of that. Today's Liberals are interfering with the educational process and demanding a disruption of those who are in school to learn.

    …as for arrest, that isn't the answer. The answer is removal from school, as in a paddling and some suspension time to force the parents to come to reality with that monster.

  • FrankS

    I never saw a police officer who was on-duty at my school thru 12th grade. Where are the family values? Why are the parents encouraging children to achieve potential? Where is the discipline (paddle)? Where is the value of work-ethic?

    • MisC

      I went to Ben Davis– we did have armed security (that was 8yrs ago) but even with the officers there– the kids still acted crazy!

  • MisC

    Kinda confused as to why my comment was deleted?

    There wasn't any cussing/foul language in it? and def no racism?

  • John

    Any child who threatens the life of any other student or any school personnel needs to be expelled from school and arrested. A notation of the incident needs to be placed in the child school and sent along as part of the student file to any other school they attempt to enter. It was taught to my siblings and myself as children that what we do is a direct reflection of how our parent raised us, I still believe this today and have instilled this in my son. Bad parenting is the base cause of a child behavior. Lack of discipline in the home is what causes today's kids to be the way they are. It is not just in the IPS system, it is nation wide. This threat could still become a reality if that child were to show up at the school with a gun, Come on folks, we need to work on a solution with the FSSA for acceptable discipline measures for children. Parent are afraid to use a paddle or a belt because of the fear of child abuse. Personally, a good spanking is what these kids are lacking and they knowhow to play the system and not get it.

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