USPS looking to fill 400 open positions in Indiana

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If you or anyone you know is in need of a job, the U.S. Postal Service wants to help.

USPS is looking for 400 new employees. The positions were posted on Wednesday and close on Sunday, Jan. 27.

The salary for a city carrier assistant is $15 an hour. The employee will be required to work Saturdays and weekdays as needed. May include Sundays and holidays. Employees must be available to work assigned tours, scheduled days and must be available to work on short notice.

Applicants must have a valid state driver’s license, a safe driving record, and at least two years of documented driving experience.

All applicants must apply online at by the close of the job posting period — 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 27, 2013. Paper applications will not be accepted.

Candidates, except for individuals performing active military duty, will need to be present for screening activities, including an interview, in the facility location or vicinity. Applicants must live within 50 mile commuting distance of the specific ZIP code area in order to be eligible for this position because the work is performed in offices within these ZIP code areas, and candidates will need to be present for screening activities, including an interview.

A written exam is required: Postal Exam 473. Instructions regarding the exam process will be sent via email once the candidate successfully submits an online application. Qualified applicants must successfully pass a pre-employment drug screening to meet the Postal Service’s requirement to be drug free. Applicants must also be a U. S. citizen, a lawful permanent resident alien, or a citizen of a territory with allegiance to the United States.

The Postal Service will communicate with candidates by email concerning applications, so it is very important that applicants are able to receive electronic messages. It is important that applicants add the following email addresses to their email contact list right away to allow correspondence, especially if they use SPAM blocking software, use a Yahoo account, work or military email address:

Limited benefits include raises, paid vacation days and access to health insurance as required by law or after the first 360-day term, whichever comes first. Veterans who are entitled to veterans’ preference and/or covered by the Veterans employment Opportunity Act may apply for any posted position.


  • Uncle Sam

    You must also be able to deal with some of the most incredibly ignorant, confrontational, asinine and just plain stupid management on the planet. Common sense?? Don't even think about it, it is unheard of at USPS, where the wrong way is the right way, cost is ignored constantly, and the worse you are as an employee, the faster you will rise in management. They only promote the most brain dead available, ask any carrier on the street, they'll tell you. Oh, and there's that $16 Billion/year loss pattern, might be a short lived career.

  • Living Bird

    It is no surprise at all if they continuosly losing their business as it is happening. Beside the mis-management, wasting time&money to run a huge bureaucracy Agency, be prepare so well how to deal with the USPS worker & Management Team in every single level career. The Congress should not get involved with this agency, they are the most incredibly ignorant. They never hire people as promised, just a unstable contract without guarantee anything. A mail handler, they can make $28/hr with a lot of break in their shift, take so long in break time, watching TV or play game on duty. Please do not help them.

  • MsEcstacy

    Well I have applied and i hope I get the position. I dont care about how they handle their bussiness as long if they are paying me my cash.. But Im happy that you guys stepped up to let me know whats going on so I can be aw are of the bs but as long as if they are paying me my cash they better leave me alone lmao…..

  • Sigh

    How? Didn't they just have huge lay-offs, branch closings, and overall downsizing? isn't the stamp price going up again to cover expenses they cannot afford. THIS is what is wrong with the government!

  • Seriously

    So can so.e explain why you can’t apply without paying $40.00? My Dad try to apply and when he got to the end it said he had to pay $40.00 for study material. Why im the hell would you pay for study material for a job you may or may not get?

    • David Kirk

      The 'study material" is a scam run by another company, NOT the USPS. It is free to apply and take the tests, they are basic knowlefge tests, with study materials on a website / e-mail. I cannot recommend that you apply with them, though.

    • donald dennison

      why do you haft to have a ged to get one of these job you think a drop out cant do this jobs that is what is wrong with this country to day just saying

  • Tony P

    My girlfriend is interested in working at the post office. She was told by her pastor, who works there, to apply. When she asked her pastor about layoffs, she was told that only happens at "certain branches."

  • David Kirk

    I worked at the USPS for 4 months, then quit. I was hired as a PSE, postal support employee. This position just fills in for the clerks when they are on vacation or leave, basically. Some weeks you may get 30-35 hours, other weeks 0 hours plus it was always a split shift, 2-3 hours between shifts daily, never an 8 hour day. How are people expected to work like this? The union is partially to blame, as PSEs are only allowed a certain percentage of hours that clerks get. It's just a poorly managed organiztion. Save yourself a lot of trouble and DO NOT apply for a postal job!

  • JJJ

    You do realize they are all about affirmative action. If you are a non-disabled non-veteran white man you may as well forget it.

  • Tim

    These aren't "new " jobs, but are replacing the current TE (tranistional employee) positions for $ 6,00 less am hour and still no benefits. You WILL work EVERY Saturday and be off only on Sundays and Holidays(without pay).

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