Two of four Casey Anthony convictions thrown out

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One of the most infamous defendants in U.S. trials of recent years took two big steps Friday toward clearing her name, and she vowed to “keep fighting.”

Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeal threw out two of Casey Anthony’s four convictions of lying to authorities as they investigated the disappearance of Anthony’s 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.


  • Bev

    I can not believe this woman is so set on clearing her name when she is guilty!!! She may not have killed her daughter, but she was the adult, the parent that was supposed to be looking after the child. She either got high on drugs and caused the death of her daughter or left her in the hands of evil that caused her death. Someone put duct tape over the child's face and mouth. There was also evidence that the child's dead body had been in the trunk of Casy Anthony's car. She can try to deny all she wants, but she is GUILTY, and she needs to pay for that!!!!

  • hypothetical

    You weren't there…so you can't say.
    Only God and Casey know the truth.
    I can't stand when people think that THEY get to decide the facts when they weren't there.

    • James

      By way, she was CONVICTED of lying to the police. However, another panty waist judge who apparently likes her gave in to her. Mockery of justice. Now, whether or not she killed her kids, that is like you said, only God and her will know.

  • 'Thor'

    Her life is over. Who would date her ? Would you be her friend? Can she go out in public? Her freedom is lost either way. Our dog is a better mother than she was, come to think of it the same could be said for alot of young mothers today. Notice I said mothers, dads don't seem to be in the picture much anymore, why?

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