Once homeless veteran receives big surprise Monday

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A formerly homeless veteran received a big surprise Monday, all thanks to the Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation (HVAF).

Stephanie Coiner, 50, was ecstatic when she was given keys to her new donated vehicle.

Coiner, an Army veteran, faced homelessness after her home foreclosed in 2010.  Her car was also repossessed that same year. After divorcing her alcoholic husband, Coiner entered the HVAF housing program in February 2011.

The nonprofit group helped Coiner get back on her feet and now, she is currently employed as a pharmacy technician at a downtown business.  Coiner would spend five hours each day on her roundtrip to work.

“I live on the east side and my job is in the Park 100, so it’s a two-bus ride there and a three-bus ride home,” said Coiner. “And in order to be at work, and I work third shift, so in order to be at work at 9, I have to leave at 7:30.”

HVAF, an organization committed to helping homeless veterans become self-sufficient, worked to give a deserving Coiner something to make her trips to work a little faster.

“The car will help complete Stephanie`s return to an independent and productive life, giving her better access to her work and cutting down on a stressful commute that had the potential to negatively impact her productivity on the job,” said Debra Des Vignes, HVAF vice president of marketing and communications.

The vehicle was given to HVAF by a 21-year veteran, who decided to donate the vehicle to the nonprofit instead of trading it in when he purchased a new car.

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