Developer pulls plan to build gas station at 146th and Gray

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A developer has pulled plans to build a controversial gas station at a Carmel intersection.

Ricker Oil Company wanted to purchase land at the intersection of 146th Street and Gray Road. The developer will instead pursue a site near 146th and River Road, according to the Carmel City Council.

Residents from the Woodfield subdivision had opposed the construction of the gas station.

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  • Bob

    I did agree that the SE corner was a bad and dangerous location but I'm not sure why they didn't go to the north side of 146th and build it. There is lots of land there, it is already zoned business, and already has a drug store and a small strip center. That location makes a lot more sense than the SE corner. Oh well, it is now a non issue.

  • Kate

    I agree, the gas station just didn't belong on that corner. The Carmel City Council realized that so Ricker's pulled the project.

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