Indiana House passes bill to ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors

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Indiana’s House of Representatives voted unanimously to apply cigarette laws to electronic cigarettes Tuesday.

The measure would prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, to anyone younger than 18 years old.

E-cigarettes are a non-tobacco, odorless product. They are identical to regular cigarettes except for the ash. With e-cigarettes, second-hand smoke is not a threat but they are harmful to the person smoking them. They still contain nicotine, the addictive drug found in regular cigarettes.

“E-cigarettes are marketed to a younger audience because of their variety of flavors including chocolate and strawberry,” said Rep. Lehman. “Given their addictive nature, I believe that e-cigarettes should be subject to the same laws as regular cigarettes when it comes to minors.”

HB 1225 will move to the Senate for further discussion and debate.

The bill was authored by Rep. Matt Lehman, R-Berne. Its Senate sponsor is Sue Glick, R-LaGrange.


  • bob searcy

    its really unnerving knowing our thoughts are being policed. our greatest fear coming to life.. my first comment wasnt mean or offensive it just said something that were not allowed to think evidently..

  • bob searcy

    must have been the part about our influx of neighbors from the south. obama says its time to embrace them if you dont we'll call you something like a felon and revoke your right to exist.

  • john sears

    to say the only difference between a cigarette and e-cigarette is the ash is really misleading. the reason there is no ash in a ecig is because there is no tobacco sat on fire producing smoke. you’re also misleading in saying ecigs are unhealthy like cigarettes. how many thousands of chemicals in cigarettes and how many people died today from cigarettes? How many chemicals in ecigs – just nicotine. Have you ever heard of anyone with nicotine damage. No you have not. I really hope in the future this all comes down to science so we wont have to rely on the misinformed make these life and death decisions.

  • cristi

    Yes I agree with john as there are many other things to be compared in tobacco and electronic cigarettes. They do not contain tobacco and are available in different flavors such as menthol, mint, vanilla and many more. E cigarettes are Eco- friendly and can be used at public places. Does not contain tar and not produce smoke. These are cheaper than conventional cigarettes and how to refill e cigarette cartridges has two process drip and injection method. With these you can easily put the liquid in the cartridges.

  • Quentin

    Actually e cigarettes do contain other chemicals found in tobacco because the nicotine is still from tobacco and those chemicals come along for the ride. The primary benefit is the absence of tar and the reduced second hand smoke. E cigarettes smokers still exhale nicotine and chemical laden vapor. These are safer than cigarettes but to try to say they are safe is inaccurate.

  • Logan

    It's the nicotine that should be regulated to the market, not the e-cig products. I've used vapor for over 2 years now and have no arguments in the slightest against keeping nicotine out of the hands of minors. But the line needs to be drawn between the nicotine and the rest of the products used.

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