Keeping ahead of the storm: there’s an app for that

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It is hard to keep up with the weather here in Central Indiana. It can change pretty quickly.

It’s the end of January but this week has felt more like April, and just one week ago much of the area saw subzero temperatures. That’s why many Hoosiers  are staying ahead of the storm using mobile technology.

When the skies turn gray, the clouds roll in and severe weather strikes— many of us want the latest weather information, fast.

Along with television and radio updates, many people are now turning to weather apps for their smartphones or tablets to help provide them the latest conditions.

There are dozens of individual weather apps available to choose from and tens of millions of people have downloaded them and use them every day. Many of them offer current conditions and the forecast and are even free,  while others also focus on providing severe weather information.

The app, NOAA Radio,  features weather radio from the National Weather Service for your specific area and the app even allows you to continue to listen while exploring other apps on your phone.

Another  app, NOAA Weather Alert, features alert notifications, satellite and radar images and the NOAA radio.

Another app that comes in handy is the Fox59 News app. Not only is it free, it features weather  alerts, news and information specifically for Central Indiana along with radar images and much more from the Fox59 Weather Authority.

Many of the apps are free and give detailed information in the app store before you download them. They also include comments that can also be useful when deciding which apps work best for you.