Woman killed in house fire in Greenfield

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A house fire in Greenfield killed one woman and injured another.

Four people were inside the duplex just west of State Road 9 when the fire started.

“The guys made an aggressive attack when they got here and they were able to contain the fire just to the B side, so the a side does not have any damage,” said Greenfield Deputy Fire Chief Jason Horning.

According to property manager Robin Roberts, the tenant came home and discovered her chair was on fire.  The fire quickly spread to the rest of the duplex.  The tenant’s sister was killed, and the tenant’s niece was flown to the hospital.

“There was even a resident who passed away two days ago, his daughter was here and she tried to break windows to help get that resident out,” said Roberts.  “It was a failure, but she did try.”

The name of the woman who died has not been released.

“Very sweet woman and it is a tragedy,” said Roberts.  “I know all of my residents and it is quite a loss.”

The family dog was also killed in the fire.  Two Greenfield police officers suffered minor injuries when they ran into the duplex to try to get everyone out.  Investigators are now trying to figure out how the fire started.


  • cede

    it's in broadway village right off of mcclarnon. you can see the house when you drive by. i love in greenfield village & it was scary from here.

  • kalyn

    i was there when it happened..me and my grandma were next door clearing out my great grandpas stuff when the fire broke out..i was the one that called 911 and we tried to help them the best we could but we couldnt get close enought to the victim of the fire. they were my great grandpas next door neighbor.

    • Shelly

      Wow~ so sorry for them & you. That must have been very frightening to witness. I pray everyone who survived is doing as well as can be expected, & many condolences to the victims & their loved ones.

  • kalyn

    it was a very scary thing…and it all happened in a matter of mins. i took the neice across the street to the neighbors till the police and everyone was there so i could go and try to help my grandma get the woman out but my grandma couldnt get close enough and neither the firefighters. i had heard the smoke alarm going off but i had thought it was them cooking and accidently set it off while cooking as i have done that a few times and i even said i heard the alarm going off to my grandma and a min later was when we had seen the smoke coming out of side b.

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