Reward offered for information about mother accused of welfare fraud

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The Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General is requesting the public’s help in locating a woman wanted for welfare fraud.

Melissa Wood is accused of concealing information from the SSA in order to fraudulently obtain her and her son’s Social Security benefits.  Authorities said she is also wanted for failing to show up for a pre-trial hearing related to her welfare fraud charge.Additionally, Wood is wanted for a warrant out of Marion County for theft.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of Wood.

If you have any information regarding her whereabouts, please contact authorities at 317-262-8477 or 800-222-8477.


  • micahbennett1

    so is that what getting someone popped by the cops now is worth put something 100k on her head and i bet even her own mother would turn her in. im just saying a grand won't get anybody to roll on anybody.

    • Carrie Shrum

      Wrong! The way I see it is it is free money to me. She is the one who did wrong not I. Why should I not benefit from her stupidity? Others do on mine lol

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Please! If I knew this woman or her whereabouts I'd turn her azz over to the po-po in a hearbeat.

      In fact that 2nd woman looks familiar. Gotta study that picture and see if I can get an easy grad.

  • Nannette Grifith

    Be nice if they said how exactly she tried to conceal information and what information from them for it to be considered fraud. It's sad but I see more and more people frauding the state food stamp system and getting away with it and driving more fancier cars and wearing more fancier clothes than I could ever afford yet when people like me answer everyone of their questions honestly I can't seem to get any help out of them but when others lie and use deceit they seem to get a whole tray of benefits delivered to them. How come noone goes after them? But her, and they're only offering 1 grand for info on her, Micha might be right doubtful people will jump on that one.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Welfare and other hand-out programs are horribly being ripped off. It's just not the bottom feeders but medicare/medicaid are being ripped by so-called professionals.

      I posit the government launches a major 2 year audit into all sorts of fraud, punishing (severely) anyone caught. Then put in better security controls over who gets entitlements.

      The savings from such an audit would most likely yield billions upon billions of dollars as well as allow more $$ to go around to those who are truly in need.

  • Nannette Griffith

    Just wanted to add yes I realize defrauding the state is different than the gov, but notice the gov didn't waste any time going after her while the state sits and twiddles it's thumbs on the ones doing them that way. Well whatever her reason for doing so when it comes out I pray it was with good intent for her child and they rule it wasn't deception etc and that whatever help she needs for her and her child is given so that her actions of what she has done don't end up being a bad example for her child. As seen in this article the news doesn't always give all the information for the story involved. Which in turn will lead to people judging her actions without knowing her reasons etc, praying for this woman and all those involved.

  • That GUY

    If this woman defrauded the government she deserves to be PUNISHED with the full extent of the law!!! I hate when these bleeding hearts get on here and say that she did it for her children, etc. Fraud is fraud, she's not Robin Hood and this is not Shorewood Forest. I say find her, lock her up, and make her pay for what she did.

    • cjmo

      Yeah, I doubt she defrauded the SSA & welfare "for the sake of the kid" either- it was for the sake of free money! I hope they do catch up with her & make her pay! When I see POS's like this getting undeserved SSA benefits thru using fraud, it burns me up! Several years ago they turned down my granddad for disability, saying there was "no proof he had cancer"- he died of cancer 1 week later!

  • micahbennett1

    every body is sitting around complaining about her ripping off the state well unfortunately some people have to in order to survive you wait till you have everything taken from you and see if you don't try to do the same thing. i am not saying it is right but thats the fact and a grand is not enough to get me to rat out anyone. i don't care if you pop someone right in front of me. i am not going to rat them out. i am not a snitch and i won't act like one. and before anyone gets any ideas i am not one of those dumb people that does that.

      • micahbennett1

        and yes i do understand what you are talking about but not all the citizens are crooks its the government that is ripping the people off they give millions of our money to other countries and they steal right out of social seccurity reform and there isn't jack you can do about it but what this woman did. people are always complaining that the little people are breaking the law but if they had somebody over the government i guarantee they should do a full and thourough audit and i can guarantee they would find out this country is broke and that is why the little people are always getting ripped off out of their money and you can't do anything about it. so i guess this is just one way to get even with the government for ripping people off.

      • MisC

        like the state & gov doesn't already take enough $ from us?!?! in her i def think its drugs– plus the other theft charge– but in other ppls case– times get hard raising a family and such!

  • cjmo

    I just posted 2 comments & both were immediately deleted by the administrator even though there was no offensive comments in either post- what's up with you people?

  • kirt

    so i take that her child isint in school,would probley be first place to look since mom takes good care of the child.

  • oracle of the future

    When does anybody in this country take responsibility for their actions anymore? If you do the crime … expect to do the time and spare us all the crap about the crooks just getting even with a government that steals from them. For all the folks who go to work everyday and pay their taxes, it's their money she's taking. For the deadbeat types who wouldn't hit a lick if their life depended on it and just line up for their free handout, then it's not their taxes so why should they care. Well they don't and they don't view it as taxpayer dollars someone else went out and worked for. They view it as money picked from trees with no affiliation to a person who labored to earn it.

    The day this country finally kills off the golden goose (the working taxpayers for those that don't understand the symbolism), is the day the free ride is over for all the moochers and free loaders. And if anyone can't tell lately, that day isn't that far off.

    So make sure you have your fair share of firearms and ammo as total chaos will be breaking out as people become truly needy and have now way of feeding themselves but to steal their meal or anything that can pay for it.

    This isn't your parent's country anymore. It's being run by a deadbeat who will redistribute your hard earned dollars to his deadbeat constituency … so you best prepare yourself ahead of time.

  • Gayle Harrelson

    MAN OH MAN ALIVE what I would'nt do to go back to the early days of my life & just wipe this whole thing off the flippin map it's crazy insain & JUST THINK of "ALL" the NEW BABIES BORN THESE DAYS thats got to LIVE IN THIS WORLD WE HAVE MADE FOR THEM IT'S A DAME SHAME !!!!!

  • jay

    wow really cant believe what i am reading.. u dnt know y she did it sometimes we have to do things we dnt wanna do. fuck that stack they the police let them do there job.. we live n learn huh ijs

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