Robbery victim hopes snapped photo will lead police to suspect

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An Indianapolis man is hoping a picture he snapped with his smartphone before he was robbed will help police catch the suspect.

Joey Funk told Fox59 he’d made a deal with a seller he found on Craigslist to trade his Apple Macbook Air for an Apple Macbook Retina. He said, he knew the deal was too good to be true, but went ahead and made plans to meet the seller.

The two were supposed to meet at a gas station, but the seller asked him to come to his home instead. That’s when Funk knew something wasn’t right.

“I pulled up outside his place, something gave me a bad vibe,” he explained.

As the seller walked up to Funk’s car, Funk pulled out his smartphone and snapped a picture.

“Something like clicked in my head, just like, well you know something might happen and if it does, well I want proof,” said Funk. “I just you know pretended I was texting like that and hit the picture button.”

It was a good thing he did, because the next thing he remembers is the man got into his car, pulled out a gun and demanded his laptop, phone and cash.

“I was scared. I didn’t know if he was going to shoot me or what.”

Funk handed everything over and left. When he got home, he realized the picture he’d taken had automatically uploaded to his iCloud account. He handed it over to police.

Now, he and IMPD detectives hope someone will recognize the man in the photo and get him off the streets. If you have any information on the suspect in Funk’s picture, contact police.

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  • Tyrone shoe laces

    Oh he is just a misunderstood youth. He's had such a tough life. He so good at heart.
    This should have been the headline. Glad he did this at home rather than downtown. Parents probably stepped in and suggested how this should go down..

  • Joey Funk

    Hey Aishah, I seem to have lost your card, but the police got him! he robbed a CVS the other day and they brought him in and are trying him for several other craigslist robberies as well as mine!

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