Strong winds could overwhelm trees, homes overnight

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INDIANAPOLIS – Strong winds are expected across Indiana overnight.

The Department of Public Works has crews on standby. DPW will take care of trees on public property. Indianapolis Power and Light is watching the storms, too. Some afternoon crews are being held over as a precaution.

There are private companies like Above and Beyond that are ready for people’s calls. Dan Dawson is the president of the company, a 24-hour emergency service that works seven days a week.

“It is best, if you have a big threatening tree next to your house, to take it out before the storm comes,” Dawson said.

If people are unsure about trees in front of their home, Dawson said people should call an expert.

“In the summer time or spring, it’s good to do a crown reduction on trees and so that’ll thin out so the wind can travel through them,” Dawson said.

People should expect strong winds overnight between midnight and 4 a.m. A few storms could arrive before that time frame.

“A lot of times you don’t know if a tree is going to blow down or not. It’s just a matter of nature. So, the best thing to do is, if you are worried about a large tree, sleep on the other side of the house or in the basement in a big storm like this,” Dawson said.

Judy Lawton called Above and Beyond more than two years ago because a tree fell on her garage.

“Only the merciful hand of the Lord kept it from crashing our home,” Lawton said.

The tree, a red oak, was about 200 years old. Other tree limbs were knocked to the ground that night too.

“No one can control the wind,” Lawton said.

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