Thunderstorms overnight – possibly severe

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A broad area of showers and thunderstorms continued to slowly spread east late Tuesday night.  A powerful Jet Stream is blowing between two very differing air masses.  Unseasonably warm air has been pushed north in advance of 2 cold fronts.  The strong steering winds aloft will fuel night-time thunderstorms.

There is a risk that a few severe storms will develop after midnight in central Indiana.  The Storm Prediction Center is monitoring for the potential of a watch box issuance later this evening and during the overnight hours.


A night-time jet stream will be the fuel for the storms – storms that could move quickly.  A narrow band of storms is likely to sweep the state from midnight through 6AM Wednesday.  Thunderstorms that develop are likely to bring heavy rainfall and powerful wind gusts to 70 miles per hour.  the threat of severe storms will favor more of western Indiana than eastern Indiana.  As the storms race east away from the jet stream support there is likely for these storms to weaken.


Soft soil after snow melt with additional rainfall will likely send area streams, creeks and rivers to bank full again by Wednesday afternoon.  A Flood Watch has been issued.  The average of 5 various rainfall generating computer models indicated about 1″ of rain but totals will vary especially if in and around thunderstorms.


South winds send temperatures surging into the lower 60’s Tuesday.  The official high of 62° was 4 degrees shy of a record and 25° above normal.  temperatures remain very mild well late into the evening as winds remain in from the south.


A huge spread in temperatures cuts the Nation in half Tuesday.  High temperatures reached 80° at Dallas, 76° at Memphis and even 60° as far north as Milwaukee.  Meanwhile out west the high was only 58° in Las Angeles and Phoenix, 56° Las Vegas and 35° in Albuquerque.


First an early morning squall line through the state, second a cold front will pass in the late morning wiping away the unseasonably mild air.  It is cold front #2 that sends us all back to the reality that it is Winter.

Arctic air will dive into he state early Thursday morning bring a chance of snow and driving temperatures down into the single digits by Friday morning.   Wind chill temperatures of 0° to -10° will make if feel 70 degrees colder early Friday.  More snow is in the forecast Saturday with only a slight warm up expected.