Victim has foresight to snap photo of suspect moments before robbery

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The victim of a Craigslist robbery had the foresight to snap a photo of the suspect moments before the crime took place. Now, police are requesting the public’s help locating that suspect.

According to police, the victim arranged to meet the suspect at the Stonybrook Commons Apartments in the 3000 block of Redskin Drive Jan. 25.

The suspect, who identified himself as Zach, offered to trade his older computer and $600 in exchange for the victim’s newer computer.

Once inside the victim’s vehicle, the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded money, the computer and the victim’s cellphone.

The photo the victim had taken was automatically uploaded to Apple’s iCloud service, allowing him to turn it over to police.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (317) 262-TIPS. Tipsters can also text “INDYCS” along with their tip information to 274627.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >Stonybrook Commons Apartments

    That's his first and major mistake. Why would anyone go into that hellhole with cash…AND tell someone you were doing just that?

    Secondly, why meet anyone in a non-public place from Craigslist?

  • cjmo

    Way to go! One time my son's ex-girlfriend got a car seat/stroller combo thru someone on craigslist & they met in a store parking lot; this transaction didn't end in a robbery. The seller brought his family, & I went along with the buyer to make sure it was ok. Seeing this rash of craigslist robberies, I'm glad I did. people need to be more aware of their safety & try to setup a meeting inside a public place to make the exchange if possible; a private location is asking for trouble. Might as well tattoo "rob me, i'm stupid on your face.
    Kudos to this victim for taking the picture- I guess icloud is good for something after all.

  • "Thor"

    Never meet in the ghetto, always go armed, take a friend, don't let someone in your car, Must talk to them before I go, always meet in public, if it doesn't feel right don't go. These are my rules plus a few more. I'm going to Lowell, IN Sat for a handgun and I will be there first. There is an art of being able to read people that few seem to possess today. This person was by himself which is a big mistake.

    • Devldg

      Situational awareness helps out a lot. I rarely go alone, the times i do go, I go armed. Also, big thing, ALWAYS meet in a public place.

  • Jeremy

    It doesn't matter where you meet, (Ghetto, Condo, or Housing Community) You can still get robbed from a criminal, no one is safe. I like the suggestions that say to take someone with you and meet in a public place… All that other take guns and all that can get somebody killed, you never know how desperate one is until you are in that predicament … Just be safe Indy, and I hope they catch that fool… He is the weakest link … And remember " If the deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is! "

    • cjmo

      I agree with your comment about going armed- too much can go wrong. There's always a chance that the victim could be disarmed & killed with their own weapon. Again, don't go alone, & meet in a public place. If seller refuses to meet in public, don't buy from him, could be a trap!

  • Joey Funk

    as the victim, this article is quite inaccurate. i was trading my older computer plus cash for HIS newer one.
    I also do not have an Iphone, nor icloud. I had an android device that uploaded it to google plus automatically.

    but good job doing your job reporter lady.

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