DNR’s search for turtles uncovers marijuana farm

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A search for turtles netted a big bust for Indiana conservation officers.

Officers for the Department of Natural Resources were searching the home of an Adams County man for box turtles when they said they found a marijuana plant farm!

The officers found eight turtles and several plants inside Nick Comment’s home.

The agency search the man’s home after they received a tip that Comment was selling the turtles illegally.



  • Edward

    Indiana could just get over marijuana already. 19 other states have decriminalized/legalized/recognized as a medicine. This state is full of idiot dinosaurs. WAKE UP HOOSIERS

      • MisC

        Umm yea cus meth and marijuana are the same— " i killed someone while i was high on marijuana—" said noone ever! I don't touch the stuff– but I have seen clinical research!

    • kxd

      Our state legislature is at least at the point where it is talking about making changes. We'll hardly be the last state to do away with prohibition of this little plant. There are much worse things you can put in your body and so long as we live in a nation that claims we have personal liberty, there is no reason to tell people what they can and cannot use for recreation. Cannabis will eventually be legislated in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco.

      • ???wtf???

        we alredady have corruption and immorality and pot isn't legal yet…. whilenasty drugs like caffeine, tobacco and alcohol are and prescriiption addciction is whole other file dof drug abuse. let's flip flop all this and yhen talk about corruption and immorality, the huamn body produces cannabanoids naturally as a coping hormone during stress, NOT alcohol, caffeine, xanax, vicodin, or heroin or cocaine,

  • srrehrer

    why are people buying these turtles,I find them in my back yard all the time in the summer.Didnt know they were worth anything,I usually take them to the country and turn them loose.

  • anonymous

    The last thing we need is more potheads in this state. Marijuana kills your brain cells and makes you even more stupid than you were to begin with. after pot is legalized what is next ? Cocaine, meth, etf… The US is going to hell in a handbasket legalizing everything these days

  • Beckie

    May have grown up in this horrid state, you people talk with ignorance regarding subject matter that has too many different views. Fact is there are no known pot fatalities…. Yet you allow and support drunkenness. How many people have died due to the almighty legal substances? Smh!!!

  • Beckie

    So your telling me, if I quit smoking pot…. My GPA would go up? I’m comfortable carrying the 3.8 I have but I mean hmmmmm if I could get just a lil more smarter…….

    • IUbball

      Whats better in life than having turtles and pot. Obviously someone was unhappy with their life and just had to ruin this guys'.

  • publiuspublicola1776

    I'd bet there was no warrant and this fool agreed to let them search thinking they would think he wasn't hiding anything if he consented.

  • Brandy

    Mr. Comment… are you avaliable for Comment? ~No Comment…. "The allegations are untrue. It's not pot. It's turtle food."

    Tomorrow's headline… Turtles Enter Rehabilitation Program for Withdrawls.

    Next day headlines …. Rehabilitated Turtles Looking For Foster Family! —- I hear Willie Nelson is interested.

    Turtle Power!

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