Former IU player charged with attempted murder

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INDIANAPOLIS – A former Decatur Central and Indiana University basketball player faces several charges including attempted murder and attempted carjacking related to an incident earlier in January.

Devan Dumes was booked in the Marion County Jail after being arrested Wednesday morning.

The arrest stemmed from a Jan. 11 shooting that involved the sale of a Chevrolet Camaro, according to court documents. The shooting injured Keith Jones, who was found in grave condition at Wishard Hospital after being shot in the neck.

Police recovered a .40-cal, semi-automatic handgun from the vehicle.

During the investigation, police discovered that Jones had placed a call to his wife, telling her he’d been shot and that “Dumes’ boy had shot him.” Two days later, Jones’ wife told investigators that she believed her husband was referring to Devan Dumes.

Jones couldn’t speak to police while in the hospital, but he did indicate by nodding his head that Dumes had shot him, according to court documents. He also picked Dumes out of a photo lineup.

Two weeks after the shooting, Jones was finally able to speak. He said he’d encountered Dumes the night before the shooting at the Sunset Strip Club at 16th and Lafayette Road. According to Jones’ account, Dumes asked him if he was interested in selling his Chevy Camaro.

Jones said he would be interested in the transaction, naming a price of $15,000. Dumes agreed to the deal and the two exchanged cell phone numbers. Jones said Dumes called him on Jan. 10 hoping to make the deal on the morning of Jan. 11.

After arriving at 39th and Graceland, Jones said Dumes met him and got out of a blue Lexus before quickly getting into the Camaro.

“Within seconds” of getting into the car, Dumes “brandished a black semi-automatic handgun and shot (Jones) in the neck.” According to court documents, the men struggled over the gun and Jones bit Dumes’ right hand, causing Dumes to release the weapon.

Jones then drove himself to Wishard Hospital.

According to police, Dumes does not have an active handgun permit issued in Indiana. He faces four counts, including attempted murder, attempted carjacking, theft and carrying a handgun without a license.

He’s due in court Thursday afternoon.

Dumes also appeared in court last week in connection with a Jan. 9 shooting incident that involved a dispute with his brother.


    • lauren

      those are some harsh words don't you think. it is a shame that it happened but I don't think their is a need for that kind of crap.

    • real talk

      its funny how u tried to clean it up….its clearly racist who do u think ur foolin…ur own ignorance shines thru ur tru colors….

      • "Thor"

        How is what I said racist? By your definition there is no racism because what I said was NOT racist. BTW your spelling needs alot of work. I don't know your ethnicity, but with spelling like that I would never hire you. I hope I helped.

  • justin

    This is a shame, I knew this brotha personally….. I hate to see he took the road in life. He was a good role model just a few years ago

  • lauren

    this is crazy! I graduated with this guy and he was a great guy in high school and an amazing basketball player. It's a shame how people can change for the worse. It just goes to show you choose your path in life!

  • Duane

    Hard to believe. High School grad, College Grad, pro ball player. Just goes to show you that maybe a "better education" is not always the answer. Like Justin said, he was a good role model for young people. At least until now. Proof we choose our own destiny. No one "forces" you to be a criminal. Its a choice. Just sad to see him throw away his life like this.

  • Kimi

    his life is not thrown away just going threw some things right now but he is getting the help he needs! everyone has right to their opinion and in my opinion personally he is still a great basketball player and a wonderful person! loves kids even shows up at random basketball practices to inspire and help kids! with God behind him along with the great support system he has he will be ok

  • FreeDumes

    it's always 3 sides to the story, dumes just happen to be on the surviving side. Nobody knows what happen inside that car.

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