Greene County residents begin cleaning up following Tuesday’s storms

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For many Greene County residents who live near Solsberry, the cleanup from Tuesday night’s storm began very early Wednesday.

Terry Hudson’s home off of State Road 43 suffered roof damage and his 50-year-old blue spruce was uprooted, but that was it.  It was a different story at his neighbor’s house.

“His barn was picked up off the foundation and thrown out in the yard and it was full of garden tractors and ATV’s and tools and stuff. It hit the side of his house and ripped shingles off. He got the brunt of the damage here,” said Hudson.

The National Weather Service said straight line winds– around 70 mph caused damage to about 14 homes and properties in the area. Three utility poles along State Road 43 were snapped in two. About 2000 homes and businesses were without power for Wednesday overnight until about 2 p.m.

The storm mostly caused damaged to out buildings like barns and garages. A carport was flipped on its side, damaging a truck and an SUV at a home off State Road 54. The storm also knocked down several trees in the area.

Terry Hudson said he was amazed at the power of the storm.

“That wind as hard as it hit, to pick his building up like it did– my gosh, what a wind!”

Eastern Fire Department Chief Austin Combs said the community was very lucky and very fortunate no one was injured.

“It’s unfortunate people had damage to their home, but a lot of the damage can be fixed. We were very lucky and very fortunate,” said Combs.


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