IPS: Student arrested after 15 baggies of crack cocaine found during search

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Police with Indianapolis Public Schools arrested a student Tuesday afternoon, after school officials said he attempted to enter the school with crack cocaine.

A spokesperson for the school district said the 16-year-old male student from Coleman Academy came to school with 15 small baggies of crack cocaine with a worth of approximately $300.

The arrest came after the student was searched, which the school’s security policy for any student who arrives tardy to school.  Officials said the drugs, which were allegedly located in the student’s coat, appeared to be packaged for the intent to sale.

The teenager was transported to the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center, where he faces charges of cocaine possession and dealing cocaine.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    C'mon people!

    For an IPS student he was clearly interning for his future career path thanks to the sub-standard education he's receiving but largely due to his non-good parent(s)


      If that's not a stereotype, I don't know what is. Maybe your education, possibly from a township school or a private school failed at teaching you what a stereotype is. There are many successful individuals who have come from this "sub-standard education" system that you are referring to. If you have such issues, maybe you should take the time instead of posting on here and go help make the system better.

    • IndianaScholar

      Yeah you must be real smart, really really smart. I went to an IPS school, and in the next 10 years, i'll probably own you. Be careful what and whom you insult.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >Yeah you must be real smart

        Well since you mention it, I do consider myself more intelligent than the average joe but thanks for noticing.

        >and in the next 10 years, i'll probably own you

        "Own?" lol…how?

        If this owning occurs, know that until such time I "own" you monkey boy!


  • safety guy

    Probably get slapped on the wrist, and let free a few times until he hurts someone and then "Oh no!! He was such a good kid, don't know where this came from??"

    • Dave

      That's what most of the excuses are "I am a victim of society, there is not opportunity for us" What it boils down to is that people are just to damn lazy to go out and get a job. They rather sell drugs and rob people.

  • meme

    almost all of you are wrong i am about to graduate and i have always been an honor roll student. IPS schools are not bad schools it just depends on the way the people in charge of the school run it. I grew up in the public school system i only attended township for 4 1/2 years of the 12 i have been in school. in my opinion the public schools i attended are way better than the so called heavenly township schools that everyone belives will offer a higher level of education. they dont this boy was obviously doing what he had to do in order to survive or holding it for someone. until somebody knows exactly you all are the LAST ones that should be judging anybody because nobody is perfect!!!! -by a 17 year old indianapolis african american student

      • meme

        wrong if it comes down to a life or death situation and your life is at risk you will do whatever it takes to stay alive. none of yall know this boys reason for having the drugs and none of you know his lifestyle or situation. nobody says anything about the white kids in these schools that are poppin mollys, smoking crack doin cocain and so much more.. grow up an stop judging people based off of stereotypes.. yea it was dumb of him to go to school with the drugs but everyone makes mistakes get over it yall aint the ones that have to deal with him his case or the reputation he willl have after this is over..

  • Anonymous

    SO awesome that a 17 year old dropped knowledge on you idiots. A lot of times it’s not about the education we receive but our ability to wade through the crap we are fed and the motivation to do better. Obviously this young man/woman has figured that out. Unlike the so-called ‘adults’ on this thread. Congratulations to you young person! Keep striving and I wish you success. And PLEASE, somewhere down the road, make a contribution to quell the voice of these dregs of society so the next generation doesn’t have to bear witness to the ignorance that you have to deal with.

    • meme

      thank you 🙂 just saying what i know is true nobody has the right to judge a person when they dont know their situation and all kids in ips arent bad there are more "troublemakers" in township schools then there are in public schools. p.s im a girl lol

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