Iraqi men living in Kentucky go to prison for plot to help al Qaeda

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From Carol Cratty

(CNN) — Two Iraqi men, who were living in Kentucky, were slapped with long prison sentences this week after being convicted of a series of charges involving a plot to help al Qaeda.

“These two former Iraqi insurgents participated in terrorist activities overseas and attempted to continue providing material support to terrorists while they lived here in the United States,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security Lisa Monaco. “Both men are being held accountable.”

Mohanad Shareef Hammadi and Waad Ramadan Alwan were arrested last August in Bowling Green, Kentucky in a terror-related sting operation.

After arriving in the United States, the men were monitored by federal authorities. The men told an FBI undercover agent they wanted to provide weapons and explosives to al Qaeda in Iraq, court documents said.

In 2010 and early 2011, Hammadi and Alwan provided sniper rifles, C4 plastic explosives, and two Stinger missiles to a truck they believed would be shipped to al Qaeda in Iraq. Authorities say none of the weapons were ever shipped, and remained under control of the FBI.

Hammadi pleaded guilty in August of 12 counts, including four counts of aiding al Qaeda in Iraq, authorities said. Alwan pleaded guilty to 23 counts in December, including plotting to kill Americans overseas, the Justice Department said.

Alwan, 31, was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison. Hammadi, 25, got a life sentence, the Justice Department said.

“These are experienced terrorists who willingly and enthusiastically participated in what they believed were insurgent support operations designed to harm American soldiers in Iraq,” stated U.S. Attorney David Hale. “Bringing these men to justice is the result of a comprehensive law enforcement effort.”

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      • Lady

        I guess I should be more clear… Why would we help people immigrate here from a country we are AY WAR WITH!!?!?!?! HEEELLLLOOO? It's seems pretty obvious to me.

      • Chris

        Would you stop being an "armchair expert" and making ignorant blanket statements ~~ please!? It's crap like this that makes the rest of us ALL look like lazy uneducated hillbilly folk without any desire to better themselves in the world.

        Good immigrants pay thousands of dollars in the very complex process to become legal. A process, might I add, that inherently contributes to the economy via attorneys, shipping, photos, fuel, etc. — Trust me, I've been through it… there doesn't seem to be much "waste of taxpayer money" in the whole deal, when you're legal ("good").

        And let's not forget the big pink elephant in the room, anyway: unless you're Native American, you're basically an immigrant (an invader/occupier, really).

      • Lady

        Maybe you're forgetting there are thousands of immigrants in the US that are getting FREE healthcare, FREE housing, FREE foodstamps and are not required to pay taxes just so that they can "get help" while establishing their roots in the US. Which means they are taking tax money that they've never contributed to.
        Yes, there are those that contribute and pay for their greencard, the attorney's to obtain them and the tests to qualify for their citizenship, but there are THOUSANDS who do not.
        In regards to your comment about "ignorant blank comments" coming from "lazy uneducated hillbilly folk"; I am NOT uneducated on the topic and far from "hillbilly". Stop taking it so personal just because you married some lady from another country. This article is about IRAQI men who were let into the US. Use your brain.

  • felica

    Death penalty! Why life? To make our economy lose more money? They wanted to hurt our people and have no remorse of our us citizens. Death !

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >In 2010 and early 2011, Hammadi and Alwan provided sniper rifles, C4 plastic explosives,

    Thank GOD 0bama didn't foul this up like the sting operation that allowed gatts to get into the hands of druglords!

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