Pepper spray released during fight at Lawrence Central, 15 kids sent to hospital

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Several emergency vehicles were on the scene at Lawrence Central High School Wednesday afternoon after an incident that involved a fight and pepper spray.

Investigators said 15 kids were transported to an area hospital with minor injuries.

It’s unclear who released the pepper spray at this time.


  • Randy

    animals……..these little animal gangster know that Curry will NOT prosecute them.These animals have no fear of reprisal from the school or the police.Take them all down to the mall and let them whack each other, Im tired of these little animals taking over our schools and our city.

    Animals ned to be put in cages.

      • Daniel

        LC is one of the most innaproprate schools there is now days the Teachers and staff have no control over anything the stutdents at LC on ignorent gangbangers who make the school ghetto LC would be a very nice school to go to except the children there they have no respect and the teachers are not very strict at all they let the students get away with alot of things and yes i agree with Randy some of the students do act like animals and i know this because i am a student at LC the school has turned very ghetto not because of where its located its because the children there think its cool to be ignorant retated gangbangers

      • Lynn

        I originally wasn't going to trust your judgment about the Lawrence school system because your grasp on the English language is abhorrent, but then I realized you're a student there.

        God help MSDLT.

  • WRA

    Okay first hand. There was no Riot. I was there. This was insane They can't lock 1000+ kids in a gym together and expect people to behave. The pepper spray being the reason? Well here's a fun fact our entire school spent an hour and a half dealing with it. And our Principal Mr. Valdez was nowhere to be seen there's an issue you should focus on

  • WRA

    Oh and PS they aren't animals Fights happen. People are people that's it, I do not share the viewpoints of the two ignorant people at the top of this page. Now Stupidity does run rampant these days. A revamp of Natural Selection Would be simply amazing

  • Duane

    WRA says "They can't lock 1000+ kids in a gym together and expect people to behave". REALLY?? Well with that attitude its no wonder!! Funny, we've been doing it in schools for years & it was not like it is today. How about when things are going on downtown like concerts, ball games, monster truck shows, etc., where THOUSANDS are gathered & nothing happens?? Its ignorance, lack of respect for others, & down right stupidity that causes it to happen. Stop making excuses for "animals" that care about nothing & no one but theirselves.

    • Lee

      come on now really? its 1000+ kids not adults they got a lot of growing up to do yes but there young and ignorant. lay off a lil bit will ya?

  • Sistacosmo

    Bottom line is this ..everyone has a responsibility to use their head …learn how to think and not always just react ..all this started with 2 girls fighting( so I heard),young ladies and men we are not In the wild wild west..step up to the plate and show us what you can really be ..beautiful intelligent young men and women not the animals that some people think you are…we know better than that…

  • bandboy

    look i was there and people were spraying it in the hallways before the fights (told to me by friend who i trust) the fights were a distraction to the peeper spray(there were many people doing it so i've been told) this is why we call this school Ratchet central

  • bmsinator

    I was at Belzer Middle School across the street. Our principal told us to go straight to our buses or parents outside and thats what we did. I got out of there as fast as I could. I didn't know if anything else would happen. May God be with them and MSDLT!

  • LCStudent

    Just because there were 4 fights at Lawrence Central High School doesn’t mean we are animals and it also doesn’t meant that the admin didn’t have control over the situation. I think they handle it well and that’s all someone can ask. I also think that they could have been more prepared for a situation like what happened yesterday. It wasn’t a riot. We have fights almost every month. Fights aren’t anything new to Lawrence Central High School.

  • chris isenberg

    if this happens again not with pepper spray but with a gun i will not run but i will go after the person who did it

  • LC Student

    LC is a great school to attend! If they wouldnt have let the kids from Arlington High school into ours, none of these fights would have happened. They need to remove all the students that live past the Cottages of Fall Creek because obviously they are ghetto and ignorant. Please just let LC be LAWRENCE Central, not ARLINGTON Central! ____Im An LC Student So I Know my FACTs

  • WRA

    Hey Duane. Don't talk down to us. You haven't been to our school. I didn't mean that it's the number is the reason. You can't put 1000+ highschool kids and expect there not to be issues. So think before you try to judge a response. If the stuff downtown was all teenagers that would be on lockdown too and excuse me nothing happens? Really? Uhm Black expo? Dude smarten up

  • WRA

    And call us animals. Really? Cause I'm sure you're some perfect person who's never screwed up a day in his life. I'm sorry why don't we kneel down and kiss your feet since apparently to you we're just all animals huh?

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