Storm leaves mark on Castleton area

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INDIANAPOLIS – Thousands of people were left without power as strong winds knocked out utility poles in Castleton. Neighbors couldn’t believe the damage done while crews cleaned up the mess left behind.

Chainsaws were working hard on the north side. Power crews spent most of the day repairing nine transmission lines along 86th Street, just north of Castleton Square Mall. The winds were so strong that they snapped the 95-foot high utility poles off their bases and left more than 3,000 IPL customers without power.

“I slept through that? That was my big, ‘How did I miss that?’” said Karl Feldmann, who woke up in the dark to hear his smoke detectors going off. “That was my big question because there was a big power pole on top of the gas station at Costco.”

The big box retailer was forced to close its doors for the day after winds tore through its building. It also shattered the glass canopy at a strip mall — with parts of its roof piled up at the back. The Indianapolis Fire Department Station 9 even fell victim to the storm.

“It was kind of a unique situation wind-wise,” said Brad Riley, an IPL spokesperson. “I think we’re going to work with the weather bureau to find out just exactly what exactly went through there. It was just a very small section that did substantial damage.”

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