Convicted Indiana murderer mistakenly released in Chicago

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From Carma Hassan

(CNN) — A convicted murderer was on the loose Friday morning after he was mistakenly released from custody in Chicago.

Steven Robbins, 44, convicted for a 2002 murder in Indianapolis, was freed Tuesday because of an error by Chicago court and security officials.

Robbins was taken to Illinois on Tuesday for a court hearing on unrelated weapons and drug charges, according to the Indiana Department of Correction.
Both of those charges were dropped and Robbins was supposed to be returned to an Indiana prison to continue serving his 60 -year sentence for the murder.

That did not happen.

“For reasons yet unknown, the offender was released by Illinois authorities,” the Indiana Department of Correction said.

Authorities in Chicago said they are helping in the search and trying to determine why the mistake happened.

“The sheriff has ordered an investigation into the facts and circumstances regarding his court appearance and release from custody,” the Cook County Sheriff’s Department said.

Authorities released one clue that may help in the search.

On the right side of his neck, there’s a tattoo that says Nicole.

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  • Kaeonn

    This is another reason why I really don’t trust the judicial system. What idiot let’s a convicted murderer just leave. Did they not know where he come from. The justice system in this country is a joke.

  • "Thor"

    It's Chicago, the home of dishonest politicians and all things crazy. Jesse Jackson jr resigns and now a felon is running for his seat and the terrorists (Democrats) are okay with that. The city with the most strict gun laws in the country also with the highest murder rate in the country. We can't enforce the laws on the books and these brilliant people want more laws. What a country!!

      • "Thor"

        Yes they do, followed by D.C. MacDonald vs Chicago (proceded by Heller vs DC, 2008) decided by the Supreme Court June 28. 2010, until that decision , no one could legally own ANY type of firearm in Chicago, no handguns or rifles or shotguns. My Way you need to catch up to the right way. I posted fact, what do you have?

  • DJHB317

    They messed up. They won't find him. Maybe this was God's way of releasing him. Everything happens for a reason.

  • i411

    While it has not been easy to find information on his earlier convictions, Indiana Department of Corrections has him as Offender #145839 here, found guilty of Marion County in 2004 at IDOC Offender Search:

    Robbins filed an appeal on an adoption order for a child he had out of wedlock, in 2007, found at

    Cook County (Illinois) Sheriff's were found to be aiding drug dealers by the FBI in 2010, via CBS News:

    Whether or not those involved in protecting drug dealers in Cook County Indiana 2010 or Mr. Robbins 2004 conviction in Marion County Indiana for murder are related is unclear.

  • i411

    -line 2 shld read "…found guilty of murder"
    -line 10 shld read "…Cook County Illinois" and would be better stated to question whether or not Mr. Robbins' 2002 arrest and 2004 conviction for murder (a) were drug-related and (b) if drug-related, was the Marion County activity related to Cook County activity… knowlegeable sources might say: "duh".

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