Fox59 captures crashes live on I-65 near Franklin exit

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Slick road conditions caused several collisions on Interstate 65 Friday morning.

Fox59 captured several accidents on camera as they occurred near the Franklin exit.

More video of collisions Friday:

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  • Duane

    In a couple of the collisions, the people appeared to be moving to fast to begin with. The Yellow car, & the one that went between the semi & other car. If you see slowing or stopped traffic ahead of you, its best to start slowing down "AS SOON" as you see others doing the same thing. I see it everyday. People on the roads who are last minute brakers. People on the highway who are just FLYING & almost rearend another car ahead of them, because they act like they had NO idea they were gaining ground that fast on the vehicle in fron of them. Yes, ice is indeed dangerous. So since people now realize how hard it is to stop a 2 ton vehicle, its like that for those of us who drive big rigs on "dry pavement" when we get cut off.

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