Parents caught on tape encouraging kids to fight

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It first looks like two teenagers just exchanging words, but things quickly get ugly. Parents were caught on tape watching their children fight, not stopping the punches and even encouraging them to keep going.

Onlookers are dismayed at the bad behavior by the parents that could have them facing charges.

“It’s wrong. It is wrong and they should be ashamed,” said one parent, who wants to remain anonymous. She was shocked when the video was posted on Facebook a few days ago.

During the one-minute clip, you can see the girls outside at a yard. One of the teenagers then starts throwing punches and beating the other girl on the ground, all while the parents cheered and other adults watched.

“Her mother physically pushed her into it,” said one parent. “I know if I was there and kids were fighting, I would break it up. I wouldn’t jump in and bring a pair of pom poms.”

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Greg Sipes, said parents provoking this type of violence among kids can be detrimental, especially at a young age.

“This idea that the adults were actually encouraging, stoking it, that was the part I think was most uncomfortable,” said Sipes. “If, as a parent, you’re teaching your kid the way to resolve these kinds of things is through physically assault, probably when your kid is 18, 19, or 20 years old, that’s all they know. They’re probably going to end up in some trouble.”

Fox59 caught up with one of the girls’ mothers, Shara Ellis. She said she was getting tired of the girl coming to the house and picking on her daughter.

“I told her to handle her business if she was going to start trouble with her,” said Ellis. “I don’t necessarily think [this type of behavior is] appropriate but you can only pick on somebody so much before you’re done.”

They are words that have left one parent to say something needs to be done.

“It broke my heart for both the little girls,” she said. “It kills me. These kids don’t have a chance. They’re not going to have a chance in this world.”

IMPD told Fox 59 the parents in the video could face charges for neglect of a dependent.


  • mr klotzner

    the parent egging her child on should be charged hasn't anyone REALIZED that FIGHTING SOLVES NOTHING!!!

    • JMS

      No it's not okay to egg your child to fight, but when the girl has been bullying her for months and the school has done nothing after several attempts from the parents, and then the bully comes to your house physically and taunts you in your own yard….then yea, I would tell my kid to handle business too!

    • WTG M

      I think it solves plenty……bet that bully won't be coming back any more nor will she bully this girl again. Problem solved!

    • RWL

      Support them??? Like when they RAPE, ROB, MUDER even bulling others. No thank you I will not support my offspring if THEY decide to embark on a corse like this. These parents should go to jail WITH their kids.

      • JMS

        That girl was the one who was being bullied! The bully shouldnt have came to her house in the first place….place blame where due!

      • JMS

        Too bad the girl who got beat up was the bully who came to the other girls house to keep bullying her! Good for you M!

  • anonymus

    Yes they should!! BUT words work better then then
    other and it is an important lesson!!! we can resolve conflict with out being physical!

    • WAS

      Words do not always work when nobody is listening! These parents have tried for several months to get the school to end this bullying…..therefore when the bully came to the girls house, words were no longer an option!

  • karen

    The parents in this case should have there children removed from them. Teaching your children to fight is wrong especially filming it and encouraging it on. I think these parents need to go back to school and learn how to be real parents(not stupid idiots>trouble makers). Also the parents that were making there children to fight should be heavilly fined,and put in jail,then maybe someone should beat the parents and see how they like it>> I call this poor excuses for parents.

    • WAS

      They never taught their child to fight….this is why the lil girl was being bullied for a very long time by the other girl with failed attempts from the school to stop it. When the bully came to her house and continued it, it was their last resort. She defended herself.

  • JMS

    That girl makes straight A's in school, participates in multiple sports and is wonderful with young children. She was the one being bullied by the other kid for a very long time now. That girl should not have came to her house physically and kept bulling her. Enough is Enough…..just like the good old days, kids fought it out. What you all should be more concerned with is the kids that get bullied, then later on in life commit suicide, or go shoot up their school! These parents in the video have made multiple attempts to work with the school over this other child bullying theirs, and the school did nothing! Where are the parents of this bully? Sis they know what their child was up to that day or even where she was at and the trouble their child was causing? The pain she caused by bullying this girl? Two sides to every story! Not to mention my father taught me to defend myself…..that's all i see here! 20 years ago….the news wouldnt be reporting on kids fighting….just goes to show you how lame this world has became and how easy pointing a finger is!

  • cjmo

    Let me guess… the girls were fighting over something stupid, right? And the parents who encouraged the fight are as stupid and immature as the girls! No wonder there are so many people who think this kind of stupidity is acceptable. They're too stupid to know better! SMH!!!!!

  • truth

    Looks like white trash ignorant slop why post it on the news? some people shouldnt be allowed to breed and here is your proof.

  • anonymous

    For all the people saying they must be a white trash…look in the mirror…this little girl is one of the best kids you will ever meet! Very active in sports and makes excellent grades. Her parents work their butts off to give them everything they need! And you just know what the news tell you…none of you know the true story or both sides. And if your kid was being bullied and nobody was doing anything about it and that bully came to your front door in your yard! When would it end?! I bet that she don’t get picked on any more..why bc her mother taught her your better then the bully stick up for yourself…this is one little girl you won’t see on the news for killing herself bc of bully! Bc her mother is raising her to be a strong girl for herself. To face this cruel world. Her fighting her was the last choice after nothing else was done! So good for her on not being bullied any more!!

    • Anonymous

      Do I condone parents publicly cheering on their kids fighting? No. But you guys calling the parents and kids “white trash” need to realize the entire story before judging, and basing your entire knowledge of this event off of an EDITED news clip that DID NOT give the entire story! What if that was YOUR child being constantly bullied at school? Then at home where they should feel safe, that kid frequently goes to your house and taunts you, threatening to hurt YOUR child? Somebody had said something about using “words”. Don’t you think that method has already been used? The schools, ect chose to brush the issue of bullying off because they don’t want to deal with it. So again, when would this stop?
      The girl doing the fighting as you saw on the video is an amazing young woman, and her mom is a great mother. Some poor judgement calls may have been made here, but its unfair to judge the mother and child unless you know the entire story.

  • anonymous1

    The parents in this video made me sick. If their daughter really did make straight A's and was in sports then who cares what the bully thinks! The daughter obviously had more going for her if the bully felt like she needed to continue to bully the girl. And why would the daughter risk losing the option to play sports with being charged for this fight. No one obviously thought of the reaction that would happen to this, Also, the mother works in health care. Once her work finds out she will probably loose her job. Why go through all of that just to get some freedom from a bully that is just a teenage girl that is jealous.

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