Police identify pedestrian killed along I-69 in Grant County

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Police have identified a pedestrian who was killed in an apparent hit-and-run accident along I-69 Friday.

Officials said Taquen Dayeh, 57, was working under the hood of his disabled semi-trailer near mile marker 264 when he walked from the front to the driver’s side. He was then struck by a Jeep driven by Rodney Hunley.

Dayeh was pronounced dead at the sceen.

Hunley reported drove to his Van Buren home following the accident. He had a friend transport him to the police department about an hour and a half later, police said.

Officials do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor. Investigators are working to determine if a medical episode could have been a factor in the crash.

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  • Tracee Stiles

    It is a tragic incident and having a neurological disorder myself-it's hard even with the best of care and doctors. No one knows when or where a seizure can strike. Luckily mine have been under control for some time. I will be praying for both the victim and Mr. Hunley's family. It is a very sad and tragic thing but until someone is in that situation it is hard to gauge what one would do or how one would feel. I do not believe after reading the many comments on the Fox Facebook page-which someone should be moderating btw, that Mr.Hunley is a good man and just happened to have fallen prey to something that affects more people than anyone knows and we can't allow the stigma that all neuro problems as well as diabetic issues automatically make someone a danger on the road. This could have happened to anyone.

    • linda

      how did he know to stop if he was having a seizure if you have never had one who made you his judge maybe you should pray for him instead of judging him this is my brother and no one will destroy his name I love him and god wants me to pray for you too so god bless you and I hope he will work on your heart so you can understand god bless

      • Tracee Stiles

        Perhaps no one should be driving because these kind of accidents could have happened to anyone whether they have a medical condition or not. There are people who are killed due to weather or something as small as someone sneezing while driving such as the case of an elderly couple in Cincy last year. A woman was traveling and sneezed and lost control of her car that hit theirs.

    • Clareena D

      Fear, nervous,anxiety triggers,medications to prevent a possible seizure. He did turn himself in, got to send a 3G STAY POSITIVE for that! Seizures are very serious!

  • tracee stiles

    According to what I have read and seen in the news and on message boards, he did not know he'd hit anyone. I believe the news should get all the facts before they put a story out there. According to what came over a police scanner that my husband and I have-the man was dead at the scene so Mr. Hunley could have done nothing to have saved his life. Again we don't know what Mr.Hunley's state of mind was or what anyones would have been had this happen. We can all say what we'd do but until we're there in that moment we can't say for 100 percent what we now think we'd do and what would have actually been done.

  • lindasmith

    I am his sister and I know that Rod will never hurt anyone what everyone is forgetting he has to live with this the rest of his life so please pray for him and his family and the family from Michigan please don't make a judgement until you know all of the facts Rodney is a good man and this could destroy him god bless him and the other family please pray before you do anything else god will handle this not man

    • Clareena D

      AMEN! SISTER TO SISTER KEEPING BOTH FAMILIES IN MY PRAYERS! God will bless us today with forgiveness, and deepest sympathy to the families grieving over their lost loved one! Prayer for the medically Ill also that the Lord will bless and help him through this very complicated tradgedy in which he accidently committed due to a Medical illness!

  • kim

    I am a longtime family member of the Hunley family, I know Rodney personally and there is not a bone in his body that would ever consider hurting another human life. Rodney is a good family man and this is going to hurt him the rest of his life. Please don't judge he has a serious medical condition and no health ins. We send our thoughts and blessings to the family of the gentleman. your prayers are welcome and needed, god WILL handle this not man, thank you for your thoughts, post and blessings through this difficult time.

  • ida

    You know Mrs. linda who made you my judge ? how would you know what i have or had . It is a very tragic accident , and know one is trying to destroy his name, Thanks for your prayers but I think GOD, has Blessed me with alot of love and understanding Im going to send them your way for you and your brother , because that man that was run down was a very loving kind hearted- father-son-husband and also MY UNCLE. I

  • Tracee Stiles

    Ida, no one is trying to short what has happened to your beloved Uncle, however these are two good men that something horrific and tragic has happened and we all know how the news can be. People wanting to see one man hanged (maybe not here but on other places on the internet) for something that was tragically not his fault is wrong. I had an uncle I loved very much killed and they never found the driver who killed him. It devastated my family so I know how you feel. No one should be hard on anyone here.

    • Clareena D

      Ida I am keeping you in my prayers my heart is with you, my brother was killed in a hit and run not only my brother but the one person in the world that understood me and helped me through any painful loss, I ve never gotten over identifying his body and they was all drunk only getting 4 years, so I can also relate through what is going in from both sides! Please know that God is going to help you through this! Sister to Sister my brother watches over us! You're in my prayers, my deepest sympathy sent to you and your Uncles loved ones!

  • Jason Bryant

    Okay Fox News you always report with top notch care and you never mis report a story. I know that you publish everyone's comments because you care for everyone's free right of speech.

    yeah. right. I've had 2 comments deleted that held no curse words nor did they have any sort of hate speech only polite critiques on the handling of this incident.

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