Portion of new I-69 extension has sunk several inches

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A portion of the recently opened Interstate 69 extension has sunk several inches, INDOT officials said.

The 250-foot section in Pike County was made using a dark asphalt designed to be more flexible than concrete. The road leads up to the Patoka River Bridge.

INDOT said the stretch will be reapaired in the coming months.

Officials said they aren’t surprised by the sinking. They expected some settling to happen on portions built on top of old mining areas.

Prior to construction, crews dropped a 15-ton weight from 30 feet in the air. The deep dynamic compaction was designed to settle the land ahead of construction.

Officials said the settling is not a danger to drivers. It’s not clear when this specific stretch will be fully repaired.


    • purdue98

      You appear to have a shortage of neurons, you may also have voted for Obama and if true, I understand the difficulty you had in reading this article or the basis of the road construction issue of settling. Boiler Up!

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    You'll keep going back every 2-3 years to resurface that roadway because it will NEVER stop settling.

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