Twitter account, photos get teacher in trouble, spawn support campaign

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AURORA, Colo. – A 23-year-old Colorado teacher is in trouble after tweeting suggestive photos of herself and messages about drug use–but students are coming to her defense.

Carly McKinney, a math teacher, posted on Twitter as @Crunk_Bear. Pictures linked to that account show a woman, presumably McKinney, semi-nude in different poses. Occasionally, she’s topless and drinking alcohol or smoking what appears to be pot.

Students said they can relate to McKinney and don’t think that she should be punished for what she does in her time away from school. They’ve shown their support via Twitter with the #FreeCrunkBear hashtag.

McKinney has been placed on paid leave by the school. She said the Twitter account was meant to be a parody started by her and a friend. She plans to meet with school officials next week.

Read more about the case and the #FreeCrunkBear movement on the Huffington Post.


  • ldsudduth

    She is in a position that requires her to be a role model. Actions (regardless of 'Free Speech') have consequences. Parody or not, she is in the wrong. I do think firing her would be overkill, but she should definitely be suspended without pay for a time.

      • ldsudduth


        Like it or not when she chose to become a teacher, she elected to be held to a higher standard. It means behaving in an adult, responsible manner. Posting 'semi-nude' photos in even a semi-public forum like twitter, and even pretending to be smoking an illicit substance is not behaving in a a responsible manner. The same goes for posting the picture of herself drinking. Note, the act of responsible drinking is something to be discussed–both at home and in school; but her actions make it look (from the photo above) that she just 'here for the party'.

        We have failed as a society because we idolize the moronic behavior of the 'celebrity of the minute' (Snooki, Paris Hilton, etc) and when someone stands up for what is right, we chastise and berate them.

      • publiuspublicola1776

        Bull. You simply choose to hold them out as role models so you don't have to be one for your children.

  • Beth

    Grow up and set GREAT example! How will students ever respect a teacher that acts just like they do (or want to) outside of school? This is unacceptable!! I have a son in Middle School and I would be highly ticked to find out one of his teachers conducts herself like this outsode of school and then shows it off to the students!! Yes it is her business what she does outside of school…so keep it outside of school, which also means away from the students as well. Oh and OF COURSE the students would stand behind this kind of behavior…because IMMATURE people do this stuff…not grown up women that are role models and have to keep their jobs to take care of responsibilities!! BOOOOO!

  • safety guy

    Pops always told me "Do as I say, not as I do" this works for her too. She shouldn't have posted pics of her doing stupid things. Although, it was cool to run into my HS teachers out partying and having a good time years after my graduation.

  • Thomas deputy

    She is not breaking the law in Colorado. Where you are aloud to drink and smoke pot
    By law. She has the same rights as anyone in Colorado. Why are you not made at the parents that let their children view it in the first place.

  • Tia

    I cannot say I would want her influencing my children to be irresponsible post naked photos online and do drugs….I see what the deputy up there is saying to I guess its not illegal to smoke and drink but nudity in public is…and kids shouldn't be on twitter but by high school….I mean if you shelter them that much than you'll have bigger issues.

  • Linda

    She should be fired – and Fox 59 should be fined for the inappropriate photos of her they aired this morning. Even poor Angela Ganote was shocked at the rear-view Indian style headstand with nothing but underwear wear on – Fox 59 is so duplicitous.

    • Lou

      Agree… It was in poor taste for Fox 59 to show the photo that you are referring to. My 11 yr. old nephew told me that he saw something on the news that should not have been on the news.

      • cjmo

        Yeah, it says a lot when an 11 yr old can define inappropriateness and adults in charge of what's shown on TV news program show something that a kid sees as offensive & inappropriate! Sounds like the 11 yr old has better standards! Kudos to his parents!

  • Duane

    Thats not fair. All my teachers in school were Grandmothers!! LOL. Look. She's a human being who likes to have a good time & enjoy herself. Nothing wrong with that. The 1/2 naked pics were a little over the top for a social media account. I didnt see anywhere she was "Naked in public" as Tia is saying. I understand the "role model" part somewhat. But yet we hold "everyone else" around kids to "role model" standards, but parents DO THIS STUFF around their own kids. Once again, a case of "Let the schools & everyone raise my kids". Funny how the kids are sticking up for her, isn't it? But yet she's such a bad influence. My kids are around people like her They dont drink or do drugs. They dont even smoke cigarettes.. Its on TV, movies, videos. You can't get away from it. Sometimes you have to believe in your own parenting skills & TRUST your kids, instead of worrying about every "Bad Influence" there is out there.

    • Thomas deputy

      I had a few grand mothers as teachers but there were afew that were good looking ones and afew that did inappropriate things with students. I still say where are the parents at. I have fives kids from 38 down to 21 and I say keep them busy and tired then don'have time to get in touble

  • keke

    I understand that kids can’t escape bad influences and I agree that parents and other people that kids hang around with are where kids are acting out from(based on if the child is a follower). But this teacher job description is to present herself as a individual to teach students subjects in school to prepare them for the outside world. Her job requires her to be professional throughout the whole process. She’s not getting paid to be a model and she’s not getting paid to pretend she likes drugs. She’s not paid to act like a child. She supposed to be a teacher. Nothing more; nothing less.

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